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Destiny 2 Releases New Art Of This Year's Festival Of The Lost Mecha Armor

Here are the final mech-inspired designs players voted on earlier in the year.


With the spooky season creeping up, Destiny 2 is starting to drop more details on this year's Festival of the Lost, including the new fan-voted mech armor sets. As decided on by fans earlier in the year, the new Halloween armor is inspired by mecha anime and movies like Pacific Rim.

While players had concept art to reference when voting in the initial poll, this is the first look at the finalized armor that will appear in the game--though for the most part Bungie seems to have stuck pretty close to the concept.

The mech armor concept won out over a set of monster-themed designs, though the voting was close, with the winning option getting a slim majority of just 52%.

Destiny's annual Festival of the Lost will be starting this year on October 18 as part of the Season of Plunder--a little later than last year's start date. Bungie has yet to reveal any of the other content coming with this year's event, with this year's themed activity and event-exclusive weapon still a mystery.

Bungie's most recent news post has confirmed that masks will still play a part in this year's Festival of the Lost. More details are likely to be revealed in the next This Week At Bungie.

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