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Destiny 2: Release Date, Guides, Tips, And Everything You Need To Know

Bungie's Destiny 2 has finally arrived.

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Bungie's highly anticipated shooter Destiny 2 is finally here on all platforms; it's been available on consoles for some time and its PC launch is upon us. Here, we're collecting the big details to know about, including our review, recent news stories, and all of our major guides.

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Destiny 2 Review

"In true Destiny fashion, if you do something once, you'll probably end up doing it many more times. The difference with Destiny 2 is in the variety and accessibility of what's available, which cuts down on a lot of the frustration associated with grinding. And even after you've leveled up, there's still more you can do, from keeping up with daily and weekly challenges to just hanging out with friends. It's a much stronger foundation than the original had and one that's enough on its own to keep people coming back week after week." -- Kallie Plagge [Read the full Destiny 2 review]

Guides And Tips

For Destiny veterans, a lot has changed in Destiny 2, while the game will also see many newcomers to the series. Whichever boat you fall in, we have tons of guides to help you figure out where to get started and how to make the most of the endgame.

Starting Out

In-Depth Guides And Tips

Class Guides

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Is Xur In Destiny 2?

Yes, the mysterious figure is back as a limited-time, weekly merchant who will sell you a rotating selection of Exotic items. While that basic conceit is the same as in the first game, there have actually been some major changes to the way he operates and where he's found.

What Systems Is It Available On?

Unlike the first Destiny, Destiny 2 is available only for new-generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It's also coming to PC on October 24. Returning players will get rewards and a nice little memorial.

What Versions Are Available?

Destiny is available in Standard, Digital Deluxe, and a Game + Expansion Pass Bundle. The Digital Deluxe edition comes with a Legendary emote and the Cabal Empire-themed emblem. It also includes the Expansion Pass, which comes with two expansions to be released later. The Game + Expansion Pass Bundle is pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the prices:

  • Standard -- $60/£55/$100 AU
  • Game + Expansion Pass Bundle --$90/£80/$140 AU
  • Digital Deluxe -- $100/£90/$150 AU

People who pre-ordered Destiny 2 will receive the Coldheart Exotic rifle, the Kill-Tracker Ghost, and the Salute emote.

File Size

According to Destiny 2's store pages, the game weighs in at 30.9 GB on PS4 and 34.98 GB on Xbox One. The PC version requires 68 GB of free space.

What Is And Isn't Available In Destiny 2 Now?

Destiny 2's first Raid and Guided Games are available on console, but those won't arrive on PC right away. Computer players can, however, play the full campaign and the Crucible multiplayer mode. Here's the full schedule for when the Raid and other features arrive on PC.

Full details:

The Farm Holds A Really Cool Secret

If you're willing to take a break from leveling up, the Farm social space holds an intriguing secret that you might have overlooked. [More details and mild spoilers here]

How To Kill Those Annoying Phalanx Enemies

In the original Destiny, defeating Phalanxes usually involved either chucking a grenade behind them, or shooting the tiny bit of arm visible sticking outside their shields. In Destiny 2, they've been granted a brand new weak spot, smack in the middle of those shields. Ping that glowing spot with a few shots and the shields retract, stunning the jerks in the process. [Lots more details here]

Known Issues, Technical Problems, And Server Queues

Destiny 2's release on PC is poised to be big, possibly straining the game's servers. To allow for a better experience, Bungie used server queues on console and may do so on PC. Ahead of the console release, Bungie warned that players may not be able to immediately access the game. In order to "regulate player population to provide stable conditions for Destiny gameplay," server queues can pop up in Destiny 2 just as they could in the previous game. In other words, you may have to wait in line before you can play. Additionally, there are a number of issues to be aware of.

Full details:

Five Biggest Changes In Destiny 2

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Launch Is Just The Start

One of the shortcomings of Destiny 1 was that content was not released fast enough to meet players' expectations. For the sequel, Bungie is working with outside studios like High Moon and Vicarious Visions to create and release content faster. We know there are two paid expansions coming, and recently, a leak suggested the first expansion is called The Curse of Osiris and will be out in December. It'll supposedly add a patrol zone on Mercury, a social space, and a storyline centered around Osiris.

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Eddie Makuch

Bring back the Whalers.
Destiny 2

Destiny 2

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Avatar image for newbpwnr

all i wana know is where is the kodan armada?

Avatar image for esqueejy

I really wonder whether GS understands or even cares whether their oversaturation coverage of the game and things like instantaneous reporting of how to progress through it just plain ruins the ability of people, like me, who would potentially give it a shot, to even want to bother with it. Why grind if I can just read all the articles in the first week? Why buy it if it's all been done and competition is completely blown by people already having done and obtained everything? What is the f-cking point if it's all an open book spewed all over the website and I know, before ever buying the game, that everyone has already done everything and all I'm going to be doing is playing catch-up from the get-go through content that I could just read through now rather than make a time investment.....oh, but here it is, how to do everything also, so there's no mystery, discovery or anything. Why even play at this point? Why bother? What is left that's unanswered? What remains competitive if everyone knows everything and people ar already uncatchable? It's all already solved and I'm already infinitely behind. Literally...you have ruined this game for me...not that I was waiting for it with baited breath, because I wasn't and I was turned off by D1 (yes, having actually tried it and found it wanting)...but I was seriously hoping they paid attention to feedback and fixed a bunch of the issues because I keep an open mind. No point now tho. BORING. WITHIN. WEEK. ONE. You have undeniably placed your personal interest in the game above your mission as a site. Check yourselves.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@esqueejy: welp, seems like they're killing your sense of discovery and any chance for the game to surprise you. Big mistake if they paid GS for this constant coverage.

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Serious GS have been paid to host Destiny 2 shite I play the game but Jesus enough is enough, GS obviously didn't learn after the Eidos Interactive BS with Jeff

Avatar image for cakemania

You guys know what's my favourite musical group? Destiny's Child!

Avatar image for omidamininazari

change the name of the site to destinyspot.com :|

you guys are spamming us with destiny2 posts

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

If this article represents "All you need to know" why are there 17 other Destiny articles?

Avatar image for esqueejy

@Thanatos2k: it's not even "all you need to know." It's ALL THEY WANT TO TALK ABOUT. Nobody gives a f-ck about half of what they're reporting..end game and epics in the launch time period? WTF? No discussion of anything important....it's like GS staff love Destiny, have a vested PERSONAL interest in it, and are using the site to promote the idea that that are both informed about and good at it at a competitive level. I resisted saying it before but this has made clear that GS is a total farce compared to the days of KVO etc.

Avatar image for deactivated-5aefa925a64e5

Is gamespot bumping their own posts?

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Destiny 2 - i don't like this game, Destiny 2. By the way, Destiny 2, how are you, Destiny 2. I'm fine, Destiny 2. It's going to rain tomorrow, Destiny 2. You probably have heard about that pop group Destiny's Child, Destiny 2. One of the members was Beyonce, Destiny 2. I like apples, Destiny 2.

Avatar image for altairdarius

Enough with destiny 2 posts already! The hype for this game will be reduced to zero in 1-2 months. But bungie will earn they easy money during this time. Can anybody tell me whats new on this or a solid difference from the first game? If not then you know it is going to be boring playing ahead.

Avatar image for darkelf83

@altairdarius: The best improvement in my opinion is story. They have a complete story start to finish. If they keep it up that will be a large improvement.

Gunplay is as great as the last one. Everything about your character and equipment has been streamlined for simpler use. While I'm not a fan of that and rather enjoyed the original leveling of gear and stat choices that could be set my way I can see why the did it to bring in new people. Strkes and PVP are also streamlined with Playlists only.

Enemies for the most part are the same but with a few nice changes. My favorite is the Fallen. They feel much better now, moving in a smoother manner consistent with the way they are built. Also the new type of Fallen is good. The reworked Psion for the Cabel is by far the best enemy change.

There are many quality of life additions like fast travel and live updating maps that make choices on where to go and what to do easy. There are many things to do.

They did make some mistakes game design wise with returning players. I didn't get the feeling I they wanted to convey in the start of the game. It's not a breaker but could have been way better. I'm really enjoying it even though I feel personally it was to easy to finish the story and gear up.

Already power level 273 without any real grind. I'd need to grind if I want 280 by Wednesday but I got a life and really don't care that much. Hoping this will last more then the nine weeks I played D1 before I took a break. Still have lots of side missions and adventures to complete.

Avatar image for rogue81

@altairdarius: They actually put a story in the game, which was my biggest complaint about the first Destiny. Having a character named "The Speaker" and have him wax poetic about not telling us the history of the world really pissed me off. Leveling is easier. Enemies scale with you, so you're never feel out matched, but they never feel too easy. Gear level/power is a lot easier to understand.

I only screwed around in the first game. It didn't interest me enough for me to stick with it. I'm only three days into this game, but it's a lot of fun so far and I can see myself sticking with it.

Avatar image for tevic

Message to Gamespot staff : I'm a reader since 2007 and leaving now. I've seen this site hemorraging its readership in the last 5 years. This Destiny 2 "news" storm (ads actually) is really pissing me off.

I predict Gamsepot site will shut down in the next 2-3 years.


Avatar image for rogue81

@tevic: I've seen a lot of these kinds of posts lately. If you've really been coming here for 5 years, then this media blitz shouldn't be a surprise. They do this for every major release. Leave if you want to, but I can't imagine that any other site will be different in a meaningful way.

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

@tevic: you won't leave. Nobody does. I'll be checking your post history and see you active 6 months from now.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@WhoIsTheDrizzle: Heck, he couldn't even last an hour from his previous "I'm stopping Gamespot for good" post.

Avatar image for tevic

I'm stopping Gamespot for good, it's become an advertisement vehicle, you don't get news anymore. Here 90% of the news are about Destiny 2 (or is it 100% ??). When I look at other sites (in France for ex.) it is absolutely not the case, the newsfeed currently contains only about 1 or 2 items per day about Destiny 2. Not 15.

This means GS has been paid by Activision to advertise Destiny 2 in the "News" section, without disclosing it. I even don't know if it's legal. Gamespot should disclose these "news" as "promoted content" or something like that.

Anyway, I'm leaving, goodbye Gamespot.

Avatar image for superklyph

I fuggin love it so far.

Avatar image for galeta

there is one thing to know about destiny; it has insane amount of marketing budget.

thats why front page of gamespot full of no-one-cares-shitty destiny news.

Avatar image for StokeMeAClipper

Good to see I'm not the only one that's sick of all these Destiny 2 articles. The Gamespot staff seems to have turned this site into their own personal Destiny 2 blog.

Two of my friends and I bought the first game. One friend put in about an hour or two in before deciding he'd wasted his money (yes, that's premature, but he feels that a game should be able to offer some entertainment value within the first couple of hours of gameplay). My other friend and I gave it more of an opportunity to win us over. I played about 40 or 50 hours (at the time there were articles claiming that it takes about 30 hours or so to "get good") and I think my other friend played somewhere between 100-200 hours. We both agreed that it was completely "meh".

The game had already turned into a dull grind in the time I spent playing. I don't mind grinding if I'm enjoying myself, but the combat wasn't particularly satisfying, the aim assistance was heavy handed (and couldn't be disabled) and the story was dull (and I later found out that most of the lore had to be accessed outside of the game anyway).

What I remember of my brief experience in PVP games was that it was completely unbalanced due to being in the same matches as much higher ranked players that had better abilities and equipment (armour etc). The Max Payne 3 multi-player had the same issue (all the people who had played a lot not only had the advantage of familiarity with the gameplay and maps, but they also had better weapons and perks). Multi-player games should really start you out with a good all-round set of weapons and perks that allow you to be competitive and reserve more specialised/tricky to use ones for players with more experience. It makes no sense for the game to become easier and easier the longer you play and the gulf between experienced players and new players to become larger and larger IMO.

Gamespot gave the first game a measley 6 out of 10 and its Metacritic score is mediocre too, yet everytime there was any news on the game it would get multiple articles dedicated to it. In the lead up to Destiny 2's release, it seems like 80% of the news articles revolve around it, another 10% reserved for PUBG and 10% dedicated to anything else they can be bothered to cover.

Normally I'm happy to live, let live and ignore games that aren't my cup of tea. However, having articles thrust in my face constantly has made me actively dislike the Destiny franchise. I am completely baffled by the first game's popularity. It was the most underwhelming gaming experience I can remember having relative to the hype it generated.

Avatar image for altairdarius

@StokeMeAClipper: same thing with division that year. You had to play a lot of months to be able to reach high enough and then it felt like a job for me than a game to be enjoyed.

Avatar image for superklyph

@StokeMeAClipper: Most games are meh after 200 hours. Come on. The fact that it lasted you 200 hours says a lot.

Avatar image for StokeMeAClipper

@superklyph: I didn't. I played for about 40-50 hours waiting for it to get good (which I never found it did). My friend played for 100-200 hours which given his gaming habits, isn't very much for a game that focuses on long term levelling up and item acquisition.

Avatar image for yourefakenews


They literally do this for every single big release to have ever come out.........Stop acting like this is the only time they have ever done this.

They do it for GTA, They do it for Battlefield, they do it for Call of Duty, They did it for Final Fantasy 15, Every time a BIG game comes out, ALL GAME WEBSITES do there job, which is to report on this game, and offer tips, walkthroughs and what not.

Stop acting like a baby.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@yourefakenews: Wolfenstein TNO got squat for coverage but at that time we still had better reviewers, Kevin, Chris and Danny were still at GS........

the site has turned into Polygon or kotaku lately.....but so far i haven't seen the Polygon levels of sh**t talking and false claims but clickbaiting? yes, definitely.....but look at who owns GS.....

this trend of going overboard with coverage has on;y been withing the last couple years, when Destiny 1 came on yes they covered the F out of it but not like this.....they didn't spoil anything for the first game or go into here;s all the powers for this class....

having this much BS articles for 1 game drowns out all info for anything else and it really is a waste of time and effort, it's killing the site too.....

Avatar image for StokeMeAClipper

@yourefakenews: I don't remember another game getting anywhere near this proportion of coverage relative to other news stories. It isn't just every other article. There are two articles back to back on the front news page followed by something else and then another Destiny 2 article. I'm perfectly entitled to moan about this and if I see them doing it with another game I'll complain about that as well.

Avatar image for yourefakenews



So you want to forget about all the Grand Theft Auto Articles whenever that game comes out? What about all of those Final Fantasy 15 articles that came out before and after release?

Witcher 3?

Fallout 4?


Breath of The Wild?

Dark SOuls 3?


I can keep going if you like?

Avatar image for StokeMeAClipper

@yourefakenews: I'm not saying that big releases don't get a lot of coverage, but I don't remember any of those games getting this crazy amount of coverage. It's to the point where it feels like we're missing out on other news because everyone at Gamespot is preoccupied playing or writing an article about Destiny 2. For weeks it has been every second or third news story is something to do with Destiny 2.

Avatar image for yourefakenews


Im going to respectfully say you're full of crap.

I seen nothing but breath of the wild coverage on this site for like a month straight post game launch. Same with GTA 5 and other big games.

This is what all game websites do. You're just mad a big game you just happen to not like is getting the same amount of coverage those other games got, strictly because you dont like the game., You just dont want to admit it.

You dont like the game or the articles? Dont click the links, move on and read something else on the website.

Avatar image for zyxahn

The comments. Well it's good to see people complaining about you guys covering the game too much, than of the game sucking, like they did about the first game.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@7tizz: With all the Xbox tattoos, is there any room?

Avatar image for soliaired50

Yea GS I don't care if you do Destiny articles but you have to know that not everyone cares about Destiny, and to see this torrent of articles all on one game is just ridiculous. Either put like 2 or 3 of them into one article, cut back on the Destiny articles, or give us more articles about other games.

Avatar image for yourefakenews


Except there is no news on other games to report on.....so....yeah.

Avatar image for gusbr

Please gamespot, let this one be the last destiny 2 article and keep the site fresh with variety. many of your readers dont care about destiny (ME, for example) at all and visiting gamespot has been an unpleasant experience due to all this destiny stuff.

Avatar image for hellzicke

dear gamespot, could please post some destiny 2 advertorials??

Avatar image for master32820

If I buy destiny 2, will GS shut up about it?

Avatar image for playstationzone

RIP game news and gamespot .

Avatar image for kim_jong-un

All Destiny 2 articles banned when I become GameSpot administrator - Kim

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@kim_jong-un: Dont just ban them, nuke them!

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@gotrekfabian: He can't, Bungie's too far away.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@asnakeneverdies: He's working on it with new missiles.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@Thanatos2k: Their missiles are fine, they just need better nukes. Support them: DPRK is miniaturizing Nuclear Warheads | Patreon

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

@kim_jong-un: Thank you.

Avatar image for ecurl143

Yeah, the amount of Destiny articles on this site pretty much covers the entire front page and beyond.

That's kinda crazy.

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

Since this is all of them, does it mean we'll have no more articles on it?