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Destiny 2 PSA: You No Longer Have To Worry About That Tough Champion Quest Requirement

Bungie's story mission in Destiny 2 this week included a time-consuming objective, but the developer has removed it after negative feedback from players.


Bungie is removing the requirement to complete a difficult, time-consuming objective for this week's Season of Plunder story quest in Destiny 2. The quest objective to "defeat 50 Champions" will auto-complete for players, allowing them to advance the quest forward much more easily.

Bungie made the announcement on Twitter, stating that the 50 Champion objective was too difficult for some players. Judging by player feedback, that was definitely the case, since Champions mostly appear in high-level content and in relatively low numbers. Even Legendary difficulty Lost Sectors or Nightfall Strikes only include a handful of Champions, forcing players into a large number of runs to complete the requirement. Champions are also more difficult to kill than normal enemies and generally require special seasonal weapon mods to defeat, adding a skill barrier to the requirement.

The move is a fairly big one, not just because the objective was frustrating a lot of players, especially among Destiny 2's more casual fans. This week's story quest unlocked a big revelation for Season of Plunder's plot, giving new information about the season's main characters, Mithrax and Eido, and advancing the game's overall plot toward its next expansion, Lightfall, in February.

It seemed as though Bungie created the 50 Champion requirement with high-level seasonal content in mind. Players quickly found that Champions killed in the Expeditions seasonal activity each counted for three kills toward the requirement, rather than just one each. The trouble is, Champions are few and far between in Expeditions--you might see three Champions on a good run, and as few as one or none on a bad run.

The best way to complete the requirement was in the Master difficulty version of the Ketchcrash seasonal activity, which is both full of Champion enemies and counted each Champion defeated as eight toward the requirement. It was possible to clear the 50 Champion requirement in a single Master Ketchcrash activity, but more casual players struggled because Master Ketchcrash can be very tough. It carries both the very high Power level of 1,600 and doesn't offer team matchmaking, meaning players need to find their own group of five other players in order to take part in it.

With the requirement removed, players can much more easily advance through Destiny 2's current story. The pirate-themed Season of Plunder has been a lot lighter than the spooky and tumultuous Season of the Haunted, but as this week reveals, still carries some heavy themes and high stakes.

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