Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Crash Errors Continue; Sony And Bungie Are Working On A Fix

Disabling HDCP may help to reduce how often your game crashes on PS4.

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Update: It seems that the issue involving crashes on PS4 Pro have still not been fully resolved. Bungie recently passed along a message from Sony's support account on Twitter, which states, "We're aware that some Destiny 2 users have seen crash issues on PS4 Pro. We and Bungie are working to resolve, thanks for your patience." There's no word yet on when this might be fixed, but if you haven't tried disabling HDCP (as outlined below), it could be worth a try. The original story follows.

After many PlayStation 4 players found themselves unable to play Destiny 2 due to server errors, today has brought with it a new problem. A number of players have reported a PS4 crash error that's begun popping up, and Bungie says it's aware, though it doesn't yet have a fix.

Bungie has confirmed reports of players encountering crashes, which yield the PS4 error code CE-34878-0. The official help page for this error dates back to April and talks about updating firmware, reinstalling your original hard drive (if you've swapped it out), or formatting the system. Posting on its official forums, Bungie said that some players have reduced how often this happens by disabling HDCP on their PS4. This option can be found in the System area of the PS4's settings menu.

Of course, simply causing crashes to happen less often is still far from ideal. Bungie noted that it's working with Sony "to identify the cause for this issue." As such, there's no word on how quickly a fix might be released.

This follows a (since-resolved) online permissions error that prevented many PS4 players from playing overnight and into today. Those on PS4 Pro have also been dealing with crashing errors, which is among the known issues in Destiny 2 outlined by Bungie. Other problems to be aware of include one with the Nightfall (be sure to create a Fireteam before launching the Strike) and falling off a cliff in Nessus's Sunken Caverns (which may force you to return to orbit before being able to progress further). For more, check out our roundup of everything you need to know about Destiny 2, as well as our ongoing Destiny 2 review diary.

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