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Destiny 2 Progress Rolled Back With New Update To Address Serious Bug

Destiny 2 is coming back online after a serious issue forced Bungie to take the game's servers down for the better part of a day.


After almost a full day offline, Destiny 2's servers are coming back online with the release of a new hotfix update, As part of this rollout, progress on all accounts is being rolled back to the state they were in at 8:20 AM PT / 11:30 AM ET on January 24.

Due to that rollback, which Bungie warned overnight would be happening, you'll need to redo any quests or other progress you made between 8:20 AM PT and 11 AM on Tuesday. Additionally, you'll need to re-buy anything you may have purchased on the Eververse store. Silver for those purchases will be refunded, and any Silver you may have paid for will also be added back, according to Bungie.

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Also of note is that blue engrams, which were to be removed as part of this week's patch for players who have reached the soft cap, may continue to drop. Bungie said, "This will be resolved in a future update."

Before servers were taken down on Tuesday, Bungie warned of a potentially serious issue after the rollout of the game's latest patch. Existing progress on Triumphs and Catalysts was being lost, the former of which in some cases caused players to lose the Seals/Titles they are associated with.

Players first noticed the issue over on the Destiny 2 Reddit community, claiming some of their completed Triumphs have reverted back to an uncompleted status. Destiny 2's Triumphs are objectives players can complete to earn Titles like Cursebreaker and Rivensbane. Some Triumphs can be quite laborious to finish, leading to passionate pleas from players for the issue to get fixed.

Among other things in update, blue engrams were meant to be removed for players at the soft gear cap, who will get Glimmer drops instead. In other Destiny 2 news, Seasons of the Seraph will end soon and Lightfall will release on February 28.

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