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Destiny 2 Point-Contact Cannon Brace Guide: How To Get The Season Of Plunder Exotic Armor

An Arc-themed Exotic is awaiting Titans to enhance the new Thunderclap melee attack.


As with each class, Titans have received a new piece of Exotic armor in Destiny 2's Season of Plunder. Point-Contact Cannon Brace is a set of gauntlets that tie in nicely with the just-launched Arc 3.0 rework, making it something you'll want to get your hands on sooner than later. But this isn't an Exotic you'll randomly happen upon, nor will you receive it through a specific quest. Here's how to unlock the Exotic and what it does. But be aware--as of August 25, the Exotic has been temporarily disabled. Although you can still acquire it, it can't be equipped for the time being.

Point-Contact Cannon Brace perks

Point-Contact Cannon Brace Exotic Titan gauntlets
Point-Contact Cannon Brace Exotic Titan gauntlets

Hammer of the Gods is the headlining perk for Point-Contact Cannon Brace, but it will specifically require you to make use of the very awesome new Arc melee, Thunderclap (the one that involves charging the attack with your melee button/key). When you defeat an enemy with Thunderclap, you'll restore melee energy, allowing it to be used more often. Additionally, any enemies near you when you use Thunderclap will be hit by lightning strikes, the range of which will be increased if you happen to be amplified at the time.

There are a number of ways to become amplified, including by rapidly defeating enemies with Arc damage. Due to its nature, this Exotic pairs well with the Knockout Aspect, which is entirely centered around melee attacks. It increases your melee range and damage and infuses melee attacks with Arc damage when you critically wound a target or break their shields. Not only that, but defeating targets with melee attacks triggers your health regeneration and makes you amplified, which is just what you want to make full use of Hammer of the Gods' lightning strikes.

On top of enhancing what's already an extremely entertaining melee attack, the gauntlets have a cool, electrified look to them. As of yet, no ornaments with alternate looks are available.

Hammer of the Gods

  • Defeating targets with Thunderclap restores melee energy
  • Targets near you are hit by lightning strikes when using Thunderclap
    • Lightning strike range increased when you're amplified

Where to get Point-Contact Cannon Brace

Point-Contact Cannon Brace is exclusively found in Legend Lost Sectors. That means, until you unlock it by completing the appropriate activity, you'll never receive it from the randomized Exotic pool.

Legend Lost Sectors are more difficult versions of Lost Sectors. Only one is available per day, and it can be identified by looking for a specific icon on each location's map in the Director (as pictured below). You'll want to pay attention to the Rewards section when hovering over that icon, as it will tell you which armor slot is up for grabs--it's possible you'll need to wait multiple days for gauntlets to come up in the rotation.

The info screen for a Legend Lost Sector
The info screen for a Legend Lost Sector

Completing a Legend Lost Sector is no guarantee that you'll receive the Exotic you're looking for. By default, an Exotic drop is rare, though you can opt for Master difficulty for an even tougher challenge but a higher likelihood of an Exotic reward. And if you haven't previously unlocked a Lost Sector-exclusive Exotic in the same slot, you may find yourself earning that before the item you're hoping to nab. Luckily, you'll be dropped off at the entrance after completing the activity, allowing you to replay it repeatedly until you get what you want (or curse the RNG gods and call it a day).

How to beat a Legend Lost Sector

You can add a waypoint for a Legend Lost Sector from your map to help guide you to it. At the entrance, you'll find a flag that will allow you to load into it. It's important to pay attention to the various modifiers, as Legend Lost Sectors require preparation.

You'll have a limited number of respawns available and a 15-minute time limit (after which you can no longer respawn if you die). An additional respawn is earned for each Champion you defeat.

Critically, those Champions pose a major threat to you. You need to ensure you arm yourself with the appropriate Exotics or seasonal Artifact mods to be able to deal with them, as brute-forcing your way through these encounters is not viable. That makes your choice of Artifact mods important, unless you happen to have an Exotic with an intrinsic, anti-Champion trait.

Also be sure to consider the active burns, which cause you to deal and receive more damage from certain elements, and shields. Burns can help dictate what elemental weapons to bring with you or which subclass to use, but the shields are also key. The Match Game modifier seriously reduces the amount of damage you deal to shields if you aren't matching their element, so you need to come appropriately equipped.

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