Destiny 2 PC Uses Blizzard's, Supports 4K And Uncapped Framerates

Blizzard and Bungie join forces.


Destiny 2 will be available on PC exclusively through Blizzard's platform, it has been announced.

The news was confirmed during the Destiny 2 reveal event, where Blizzard president Mike Morhaime appeared to confirm that players would be able to use Blizzard's service to download games, explore, and connect with each other. Of course,'s in-built friends list and chat functionality will work with Destiny 2.

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According to a press release, the PC version will offer "4K resolution support (3820x2160), uncapped framerate, full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping, text chat, an adjustable field of view, a detailed PC settings screen, and 21:9 monitor support."

The move makes sense given that Destiny 2 is published by Activision, parent company of Blizzard. has proven itself to be very robust in handling large online gaming communities, given that is used for World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3, and Heroes of the Storm, among other titles.

Destiny 2 for PC will be available at retail too, for those that don't want to purchase the game through digitally. However, the game will no doubt still utilise Blizzard's client to run. Destiny 2 is the first third-party title to be available to purchase on

Curiously, the announcements all referred to by its old name. Blizzard shifted to calling it the Blizzard app back in March.

Destiny 2 is headed to PC in addition to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will offer PS4-exclusive content until at least Fall 2018. An open beta will be available to everyone sometime this summer, but if you pre-order the game you can play the beta early.

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