Destiny 2 Partition: How To Access And Complete Lightfall's New Weekly Activity

Partition is Lightfall's new fast-paced weekly activity, but you'll have to do a few quests to get there.


Partition is a fast-paced endgame weekly activity available after completing the Bluejay quest, which is part of the Hall of Heroes questline after the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign. The recommended Power for this activity is 1790, but if you're Power 1750 or above, you should be able to do it solo. Partition also has numerous modifiers from Champions, elemental shielded enemies, elemental surges and threats, and more

Defeating the final boss rewards you with pinnacle gear from the chest, and Partition will have another access point after every weekly reset. This activity is part of Lightfall's Virtual Fighter Seal, where a triumph called Overclocked requires you to complete Partition within seven minutes.

Nimbus and Osiris will take you into the Vex Network to fight both the Vex and the invading Shadow Legion, and this guide will help you access Partition and provide some tips.

How to access Partition

When you finish the Lightfall campaign, get the Unfinished Business quest for the Deterministic Chaos Exotic machine gun, and it'll ask you to visit the Hall of Heroes. Grab the Hall of Heroes quest from the hologram named Quinn Laghari. It's a lengthy questline with multiple parts, and one of those is the Bluejay quest. The Bluejay quest will introduce you to Partition.

Even though you get access to Partition after that quest, you cannot reenter the activity until you complete the Weekly Partition Challenge bounty from Nimbus. The bounty asks for eight Shellcode Fragments that drop from Vex Incursion Zone enemies--the zone is marked on the Neomuna map--and Polymorphic Engine from the Terminal Overload key chest. These keys have a chance to randomly drop from Incursion Zone public events, patrols, and looting chests--including the one at the end of the Terminal Overload activity--but doing the Terminal Overload Key bounty for Nimbus, made available at Reputation Rank 12, is a reliable method.

The Partition Challenge weekly bounty details
The Partition Challenge weekly bounty details

Partition: Hard Reset

The Partition: Hard Reset mission starts with a Sparrow racing-inspired track--the Vex version of Rainbow Road with deadly obstacles and no guard rails. Keep in mind, Partition is a timed activity and some areas restrict respawns! Completing portions of the track and defeating enemies extends the timer. Be sure to glide over those glowing arrows for a speed boost, and use your brakes for rough turns.

Partition is split into two parts--increasingly tough Sparrow racing sections, and platforms where you fight enemies--but the primary goal is to defuse charges before they detonate. Although the bombs near the Vex Confluxes sit behind the hoard of enemies, you can either defeat enemies to buy you more time or carefully make your way around them and defuse the bomb before the timer runs out.

The boss fight takes place in a confined arena with non-stop incoming damage, which requires you to dodge every few seconds, and smaller enemies. The fight alternates between dealing damage to Vraxus, Shadow Legion Saboteur, and timed Sparrow racing to defuse nearby charges.

Partition: Backdoor

Partition: Backdoor doesn't have Sparrow-racing or a timer, but it does have multiple waves of enemies. In this activity, you'll have to defeat yellow-bar Sentinal Hydra, Minotaur, Wyvern, and Cyclops to get a Logic Bomb. Throwing these Logic Bombs in the right location opens up secret Vex firewalls to get to the next arena.

When you reach the Wyvern boss Adytum, Invoilable Mind, you'll have to throw Logic Bombs from the Sentinals to take down its shield and deal damage as it slowly makes its way through the narrow hallway to the final arena. The final arena is an enclosed area with the shielded boss and several other Vex enemies spawning around the area, requiring you to move around to avoid the Wyvern and defeat the rest of the Vex.

Partition: Ordinance

Partition: Ordinance has you work with a Neomuni named Sam who needs help dealing with combatants in the Vex Network, but they become an obstacle. Sam takes the form of a red glowing Vex disco ball traversing around the network, but when jumping around the ball, its aura tends to float you into the air--it's especially bad when you're using your Super. Also, Sam may delete some platforms from beneath your feet.

The main objective is to defeat Databank Courier Cabal, then throw the Data Bank cube at Sam as they move around the arena. In the boss arena, you need to defeat the enemies spawning from the outer portals and deal damage to the boss, Haliekron, Nexus Overlord. Next, get additional Data Banks for Sam from the Databank Couriers that enter from the center portals to move on to the next damage phase.

If you haven't yet jumped into The Root of Nightmares raid, here are some tips on how to level up quickly. There are plenty of seasonal objectives to complete, too, such as Defiant Battlegrounds, Awoken Favors, and using Defiant Keys.

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