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Destiny 2 Parallax Trajectory Farm Guide - How To Get The Season Of The Lost Currency Fast

The Season of the Lost has introduced a new currency to Destiny 2 called Parallax Trajectory, which you'll use to rank up your Wayfinder's Compass and tune Umbral Engrams. Here are the best ways to get as much Parallax Trajectory as you need.


The Season of the Lost brings lots of new stuff to Destiny 2, with players returning to the Dreaming City to rebuild its Ley Lines in the Astral Alignment and Shattered Realm activities. There's also a new currency you'll need to gather called Parallax Trajectory, which you'll use throughout the season. Parallax Trajectory allows you to unlock upgrades to the Wayfarer's Compass, this season's artifact, and to tune Umbral Engrams to help you get exactly the gear you're looking for.

The good news is that Parallax Trajectory comes from a lot of sources, and you can earn it throughout the solar system. It's pretty easy to get decent amounts of the stuff quickly if you know where to look for it, and you can maximize your gains while reaching other goals. Here are all the ways you can find Parallax Trajectory, how to get it most efficiently, and how you can use it.

How To Get Parallax Trajectory

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There are a whole lot of means through which you can earn Parallax Trajectory, and you're going to accumulate it from almost everything you do, but in various amounts. It drops randomly from enemies you kill anywhere in the solar system, so you're guaranteed at least to earn a little no matter what you get up to. That said, the best way we've found to earn Parallax Trajectory so far is in Strikes, provided you can run through them quickly.

Just about every activity you can do in Destiny 2 will earn you Parallax Trajectory: Crucible matches, Gambit matches, Strikes, and Public Events all award some amount. You can also find the stuff out in the world in certain locations--this week, you'll find Parallax Trajector "Ascendant Anchors" in EDZ patrol zones. Ascendant Anchors are also found in the Shattered Realm activity.

Parallax Trajectory Sources

  • Killing enemies: 3, but drops sporadically
  • Public Events: 75
  • Heroic Public Events: 85
  • Strikes: 150
  • Gambit matches: 100
  • Crucible matches: 100
  • Collecting Anchor Points: 30

There are some things that notably do not drop Parallax Trajectory that you'll want to keep in mind. While you can find Anchor Points in patrol zones, you won't earn any for completing Lost Sectors or Patrols. Nightfall Strikes also didn't seem to award Parallax Trajectory, although this might be contingent on the difficulty level (or possibly the result of an early season bug).

Note that you can only carry 1,500 Parallax Trajectory at a time, so you're going to want to use it.

How To Earn Parallax Trajectory Fast

You can earn Parallax Trajectory doing a lot of things, which means you're pretty free to play Destiny 2 normally and still bank the currency so you can advance through the season. That said, in our experience, you'll want to focus on two approaches: Completing Strikes and clearing the weekly Patrol Zone.

Strikes award 150 Parallax Trajectory per run, and if you're quick, you can knock them out in mere minutes. Especially with a solid team, it's possible to burn right through a Strike, skipping all unnecessary battles, and quickly knock out the boss. If you're trying to get Parallax in a hurry, this is a good way to do it.

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It sounds like each week will feature a different Patrol Zone, where you'll be able to find Parallax Trajectory Ascendant Anchors. These items can be collected for 30 Parallax each, and they play toward a Seasonal Challenge that unlocks a new level of Wayfarer Compass calibration--so you'll want to go get them. This week's challenge says there are 20 Ascendant Anchors to find, which nets you a cool 600 Parallax Trajectory in total. They're scattered all over the EDZ, as far as we can tell, though, so chasing them might suck up a fair amount of time.

A good way to maximize your time spent in the Patrol Zone, however, is to complete Public Events while you're at it. Each finished Public event gives you 75 Parallax, with Heroics kicking that up to 85. That's less than a Strike, but you'll also have less of a time commitment. And if you really want to increase your speed, you can activate Public Events you pass, even if you don't intend to take part in them. However they shake out, you should still earn Parallax Trajectory for having been logged as a participant.

Parallax Trajectory Uses

You'll put your new currency to work in two ways: tuning Umbral Engrams in the HELM and upgrading the Wayfarer's Compass. The cost in Parallax varies depending on what you're using it for, so expect to burn through a lot.

Umbral Engram Tuning Parallax Trajectory Costs

  • Tier 1: 150
  • Tier 2: 450
  • Tier 3: 750

As with past seasons, you'll need to complete Triumphs in order to unlock different types of Umbral Engram tuning. There are other costs associated with them as well, so make sure you're packing Legendary Shards and Glimmer.

Wayfarer's Compass Upgrade Parallax Trajectory Costs

For tuning the Wayfarer's Compass, costs are determined by the upgrade itself, not the tier on which it is located. The costs, then, are fairly variable. The cheapest upgrades cost 150 Parallax Trajectory; the next step up is 400; the most expensive upgrades are 600.

Note that you'll also increase your Wayfarer's Compass "Calibration Level" to unlock new upgrades, so you can only buy so many each week. Complete Seasonal Challenges to earn more calibration levels, then purchase the upgrades you unlock with Parallax Trajectory.

It seems we'll be burning through a lot of Parallax Trajectory, so make sure you're earning it as you play through other activities. If you come across useful tips or more efficient approaches, make sure you let us know in the comments.

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