Destiny 2 On PC Supports Multi-GPU Setups And HDR Monitors

HDR and SLI join 4K and uncapped framerates as PC-exclusive features.

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Destiny 2

Although Destiny wasn't available on PC, Bungie seems to be working hard to make it up to PC players with Destiny 2. The developer already revealed that the game will run at native 4K resolution and will have uncapped framerates; today at Gamescom, we got confirmation that the game will have HDR and SLI support, as well.

Hardware manufacturer Nvidia announced that it has worked with Bungie to allow Destiny 2 to work on HDR-compatible TVs and monitors. HDR--or High Dynamic Range--means that the game will display with a higher contrast and color range than on normal screens, so that colors are more vivid.

Nvidia also announced that the game will be compatible with multi-GPU setups. SLI allows for players to throw more graphical horsepower at games than is currently possible in single-GPU configurations. Although Destiny 2 can already run at 4K and 60 frames per second using Nvidia's high-end GTX 1080 Ti GPU, players can boost the framerate even more with an SLI setup.

HDR will be available to try out in the PC beta, although SLI won't be supported until the full game launches on October 24. The PC beta begins on August 28 if you've pre-ordered the game and on August 29 for everyone else. You can check out Destiny 2's PC beta minimum and recommended specs here.

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