Destiny 2 New Mission Honors A Developer – Here's How To Find It

Bungie dropped a tribute into Destiny 2 with this weekly reset, and you can track it down by heading to Mars.


Destiny 2's September 22 weekly reset came with a small hotfix, as well as another new addition: a tribute to Vicarious Visions developer Matt Helsom. The developer, who worked on Destiny 2 during the years it was being published by Activision, died in 2019, and a short new mission commemorates his contribution by writing him into Destiny lore as a Golden Age figure.

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Fire up Destiny 2 starting today and you'll see a screen that directs you to Mars to investigate a signal. You won't see this mission in your quest log or receive any markers to track it, thanks to the fact that this isn't your usual Destiny 2 excursion. To find the tribute, head to the Braytech Futurescape area of Mars and head north into the building, past Ana Bray, toward the Mindlab: Rasputin area.

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The spot you're looking for is right along the path toward Rasputin--you'll know you're in the right place when you crouch to get through a tunnel that takes you out of the building and onto a catwalk. As soon as you exit the tunnel, turn right to find a slightly opened door with a workstation inside. Interact with the device on the desk to advance the quest.

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From there, return to Ana Bray, where you'll trigger a text dialogue screen memorializing Helsom and adding him to the Destiny canon as a xenoarchaeologist studying Mars. As Ana explains, "Every log entry I've ever heard (about Helsom) made it sound like he was just the happiest guy in the room. His laugh was just...." The text log wraps up the tribute, and you're awarded an Exotic Cipher item for finding it. Bring that to Xur or a Cryptarch and you can trade it for one of the Exotics that have appeared during the last few seasons of Destiny 2.

Bungie mentioned in a recent blog post that it was adding the tribute to the game, and gave a little more information about Helsom. "He worked closely with teams at both Bungie and (Vicarious Visions) on various projects during our partnership and we wanted to memorialize his contributions in the Destiny universe," Bungie wrote. "We wish all of his family, friends, and everyone he impacted during his life the very best. Thank you to everyone in the community who joins us in remembering this warm soul."

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