Destiny 2: New Gambit Mode Revealed For Forsaken DLC

Here's what to expect from the new PvP/PvE hybrid mode.

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With the next big Destiny 2 DLC expansion, Forsaken, on the way later this year, Activision had been teasing that some kind of innovative new mode was coming. With Forsaken now revealed ahead of E3, Bungie has shared the first details about this new competitive multiplayer mode, which is called Gambit.

Gambit is a blend of PvP and PvE. Two teams of four are separated into different areas, although they'll see each other at the start of a match to emote their hearts out. They'll then face off against waves of AI enemies who drop motes. These can be collected and deposited to send more enemies to the other team's area; you'll need to bank them routinely, as you can only hold 15 and lose them if you die. At a certain point, one player from each time can "invade" the opposing team's area, putting further pressure on them.

During a livestream, Bungie said its goal was to offer a "new experience" with Gambit. It says that it takes PvP and makes it into something where your success isn't necessarily dictated by being able to shoot faster or more accurately than another player. At any given time, you'll have to decide whether you should kill AI enemies, collect motes, deposit motes, or invade (assuming a teammate isn't already doing so).

Gambit will be playable at E3 2018, so we should be hearing much more about it very soon. The new mode is just one of several components that comprise the new Forsaken expansion along with new areas of the Reef to explore, a new Raid, new Supers, and more.

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Avatar image for sippio

I miss Destinys amazing gunplay control/mechincs.

BUT not enough to return...

Bungie is the only developer that I truly despise. (Dice is more of a EA slave)

--From Marty O'donnel (if you don't know Marty vs Bungie then you should)

-Grimy Destiny-1 monetizing tactics

-removing content from M rating

-removing content for future DLC

-A Destiny sequel that doesn't explain what Traveler is.

-DLC is 1 thing but $40 is disgusting. Maybe if the the Silver store didn't exist..

I haven't had Destiny 2 installed since eve of 1st expansion..

I was thinking about it recently but the $40 price tag of expansion bothers me...

Halo was great but just like BIOWARE This Bungie is not the Bungie I grew up with..

And I dunno why The Marty Story bothered me so much.. I avoid politics in gaming and what not.

but years later and it's what I think of when I hear 'Bungie'...

Avatar image for Thuban_23

Sounds like another revamp kind of like Taken King. Unfortunately the laziness and/or stupidity of the developers would make it hard to really get back into it as much as I'd like to. Why is there still a limit on the shader storage? It's a goddamn dress-up item. It's not like I'm asking for fucking infinite ammo here.

Avatar image for Mogan

@Thuban_23: I'm hoping the shader and mod inventories get an overhaul when Forsaken comes out. They mentioned vault space was getting changed for it, so hopefully they can do something about the inventory at the same time; it's kind of a mess.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

Sounds neat. Like a MOBA almost.