Destiny 2 Moon And Dreaming City: What Activities To Do And What Loot You Can Earn

Bungie has changed loot drops for two old destinations to make those places and their activities relevant again. Here's what you should do there.


When it released the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2, Bungie add a new planetary destination to the game in Europa--but it removed several others at the same. In total, four planets were put into the "Destiny Content Vault," leaving them unavailable, but two did stay in the game: the Moon and the Dreaming City. Until now, however, there just wasn't really much reason to go to either of them.

That's changed with the Season of the Chosen. Bungie has reissued weapons and armor for the two destinations, so completing activities like the Altars of Sorrow, the Blind Well, the Ascendant Challenges, and the Shattered Throne and Pit of Heresy dungeons will let you earn useful loot. But if you've already played through the content from the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions, or if you're new to Destiny 2, you might be wondering what things in the Dreaming CIty and on the Moon are worth doing, and what you'll get for them.

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from the activities on the Moon and in the Dreaming City, what you should spend your time on, and where these activities will fit in the progression as you work toward the new seasonal Power level cap of 1310.

What Loot Is Back In The Dreaming City

Not all of the weapons originally available in the Dreaming City are getting reissued. Here's the full list:

  • Reverie Dawn Armor Set
  • Waking Vigil (Arc hand cannon)
  • Vouchsafe (Void scout rifle)
  • Retold Tale (Void shotgun)
  • Sleepless (Arc rocket launcher)

In addition to having a new Power cap of 1610 (which will carry it through another three seasons), the reissued weapons have a new set of perks available for them. You can earn the gear by completing various activities around the Dreaming City, including Ascendant Challenges, the Blind Well, and Petra Venj's story missions such as Dark Monastery.

Here's a quick look at all the loot that's been reissued in the Dreaming City and on the Moon.
Here's a quick look at all the loot that's been reissued in the Dreaming City and on the Moon.

What Comes From The Shattered Throne Dungeon?

The Dreaming City also has a high-level three-player activity called Shattered Throne. All the weapons and armor can also drop from the dungeon, but armor will come with higher stats than the standard versions you can find in other activities, and the weapons can potentially have different perks that only come from Shattered Throne drops.

What Loot Is Back On The Moon?

Like the Dreaming City, not every piece of loot that was available on the Moon in the Forsaken expansion is getting reissued. Here's the list:

  • Dreambane Armor Set
  • Heretic (Arc Heavy rocket launcher)
  • Apostate (Arc sniper rifle)
  • Blasphemer (Kinetic shotgun)
  • Premonition (Void pulse rifle)

Like the Dreaming City loot, reissued gear you get on the Moon will have a higher Power cap (1610), and the weapons will have new potential perks. Heretic, Apostate, and Blasphemer can be earned from the Altars of Sorrow event on the Moon, but which weapon you get from completing the activity changes each week. Dreambane armor is available from story missions from Eris Morn, public events, and Lost Sectors.

What Comes From The Pit Of Heresy Dungeon?

The Dreambane armor and Altars of Sorrows weapons can drop in the Pit of Heresy as well as Premonition--the dungeon is the only source for the pulse rifle. The guns that drop in the dungeon will also be unique versions, just like the ones that drop from Shattered Throne. They can include different perks than what you can earn elsewhere on the Moon.

Previously, defeating the final boss in Pit of Heresy would earn you a completely Masterworked piece of Dreambane armor. With the reissue, that's no longer the case; instead of getting one Masterworked piece of armor, you'll now receive a Dreambane armor piece that has guaranteed high stats and two stat categories with at +16 or higher. In general, that should make the reissued Dreambane armor extremely useful for a variety of roles, and potentially higher in stats than most other armor you can find.

Lost Sectors on the Moon are now in the rotation for Legendary and Master difficulty; complete them for high-end upgrade materials and the chance to grab Exotic armor.
Lost Sectors on the Moon are now in the rotation for Legendary and Master difficulty; complete them for high-end upgrade materials and the chance to grab Exotic armor.

Legendary And Master Lost Sectors

As in the Cosmodrome and on Europa, the Moon can now carry Lost Sectors at Legendary and Master difficulty. Completing those Lost Sectors carries the chance to earn Exotic gear drops, among other high-level rewards. Lost Sectors rotate daily--only two of the nine available Lost Sectors get the increased difficulty on any given day.

Do The Moon And Dreaming City Have Powerful Or Pinnacle Drops?

No. Even the high-level content you can find in the dungeons or in the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation raids won't give you Powerful or Pinnacle loot drops, so you won't be using either destination to help you grind toward the new Power level cap of 1310. However, the gear you find in those destinations will drop at your Power level, so it'll be on-par with whatever you have. Thanks to the new Power caps on the reissued gear, you'll be able to infuse what you find in the Dreaming City and on the Moon up to 1610, the Power cap in Season 16.

Completing the activities on these two destinations will get you some potentially solid gear, however. The Dreambane armor set from the Pit of Heresy in particular may well be some of the best gear you can earn right now. You'll also find new perks on the old guns, which could increase their effectiveness and change their usefulness in various activities.

Can You Still Get The Old Versions Of Those Weapons?

Yup. All the gear that was previously available in the Dreaming City and on the Moon is still there, but the Power cap on it renders it obsolete for use in current-level activities. If you're looking to collect the old stuff, though, you can still get it from Dreaming City and Moon activities. Bungie has weighted the loot drops so that you'll tend to get the new, reissued stuff, and once you've received a drop of an older weapon that's reached its Power cap, you won't receive it again.

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