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Destiny 2 Mid-Season Weapons Update Will Nerf Target Lock, Tweak Bows, Pulse Rifles, More

Ahead of some bigger changes coming to the weapon pool in Season 22 and 23, the mid-season patch will update several weapon sub-types.


Like previous seasons in Destiny 2, a few updates for the weapon pool will soon be made in the mid-season patch. Bungie has detailed which weapon archetypes are in its crosshairs, and so far, you can expect a few changes to pulse rifles, bows, submachine guns, and shotguns.

For pulse rifles, these tweaks will be minor at best. Bungie feels that this weapon category is in a good place right now, but pulse rifles with low base Aim Assist stat values will be less forgiving of near misses after the update goes live and reduces that stat by 10%.

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For bows, a more substantial rework is on the way for lightweight models. Bungie says that it will substantially increase the range at which they can deal full damage and will improve their accuracy, and in Season 22, more changes will affect their reload perks and how well their shots register at longer ranges.

Submachine guns are essentially getting a graphic design overhaul that makes it easier to read beneficial stats from these weapons, and lightweight shotguns are getting a 15% reduced pellet spread that will bring them up to spec with precision and aggressive frames in this category.

Also as part of the mid-season update, we'll be seeing several Exotic weapons tweaked, including Graviton Lance, which will be nerfed in PvP but buffed in PvE.

Several weapon perks will be adjusted, too, with Gutshot Straight and Slickdraw both having their auto-aim penalties reduced (by 37.5% and 33%, respectively) to make them more appealing options. Target Lock, meanwhile, will remain unchanged in PvE but will be nerfed in PvP, as its maximum damage will be reduced from 40% to 25%. Bungie said the perk has "had its time in the sun" but is concerned about how significant of a damage boost it can provide makes it close to a must-pick.

Looking way, way ahead into the future of Destiny 2, Bungie says that Season 23 work is already in development and some changes are planned for glaives.

"We do know for sure that Glaives (and yes, the class Exotics too) will be getting some substantial tuning, and we're excited to share details of that as we get further along," Bungie explained. "For now, we can let you know that we're looking at ways to make them feel better to use without making them annoying to play against, and we're experimenting with things like reducing the delay after firing before you can melee, improving the base projectile speed, and altering how shield energy is granted."

Additionally, hand cannons will be buffed in PvE, getting improved reload speeds and damage increases when targeting major or minor enemies. Guarding with swords will get a "substantial rework," and various perks--including Bipod, Envious Assassin, and Under-Over--will be buffed in unspecified ways. Additionally, more Exotics will see balance changes, including Le Monarque and "some big buffs to Touch of Malice."

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