Destiny 2 Memorializes The Accomplishments Of Returning Players

It's not a tangible reward, but it is a nice moment.


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Destiny 2 is in many a fresh start for all players. Even if you were an incredibly hardcore enthusiast of the original Destiny, you aren't walking into Destiny 2 any more powerful or well-equipped than someone who never played the first game. There will be rewards for returning players, but before that, Destiny 2 starts out with an endearing memorial to your accomplishments in its predecessor.

As pictured below, returning players are greeted in Destiny 2 with a recap of sorts that highlights your major Destiny 1 feats. Along with some gorgeous artwork, it calls out you and the other players you did certain things with, such as completing Destiny's various Raids.

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It's ultimately a minor thing, but it is cool to have your effort acknowledged in some way, even if it doesn't have a meaningful impact on how Destiny 2 plays out. You can check out all of the memorials in the gallery above, or get caught up on the original game's plot in our Destiny story recap.

We've been playing a ton of the game so far, and you can see what we think in our Destiny 2 review dairy. For a full roundup, head over to our Destiny 2 everything you need to know feature.

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