Destiny 2 Maintenance Complete, New Update Out Now On PS4 And Xbox One

A new hotfix patch arrives today.


We've seen a number of Destiny 2 maintenance periods take the game's servers offline since its release. Today will see maintenance occur once again, but according to Bungie, it shouldn't impact your ability to play the game. [Update: Bungie has released Destiny 2 update, which addresses Tower crashes, and maintenance has been completed.]

Server maintenance begins at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST today, October 11 (2 AM AEDT on October 12). It's set to run for six hours, ending at 2 PM PT, but "no downtime is expected," Bungie says. As part of this process, Bungie will roll out a new update, hotfix

Given the version number, this is likely to be a bug-fix patch rather than one that introduces any major new feature. Specific details about what it does have not yet been revealed, but we'll report back as soon as the patch notes are released. We don't know exactly when to expect those, but Bungie says the hotfix itself should be available at around 8:15 AM PT.

It's possible the patch is related to the upcoming Prestige Leviathan Raid. This harder version of the Raid was set to launch on October 10, only for it to be delayed until next week due to an exploit that allowed players to make encounters easier than intended. The Prestige Raid now launches on October 18.

In the meantime, players do have the first-ever Iron Banner and a new map to occupy their time. The limited-time Crucible mode works differently than Iron Banner in the original Destiny, but you can nonetheless get your hands on all sorts of new rewards. You can check out all of the Iron Banner weapons, armor, and gear in our gallery.

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