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Destiny 2 Lost Sector Guide: Metamorphosis, Sepulcher, Extraction Locations And Tips

Savathun's Throne World has some terrific Lost Sectors to explore and grab some great loot from in The Witch Queen expansion.


Savathun's stronghold is a massive location to explore in Destiny 2, and much like other destinations, there are a few Lost Sectors to discover. In the stronghold of the Witch Queen, you'll be able to do some spelunking in three Lost Sectors, but you might want to hold off until you're strong enough to face the Hive and Scorn threats lurking within them. If you go in too early, you'll be wrecked by cannon fodder and the game advises that you have a power level of at least 1510 before venturing into these areas.

While your map does show where the Lost Sectors are generally, uncovering them can be slightly tricky. They're not too difficult to find if you pay attention to your surroundings, but if you are struggling, we have all three locations listed below for you. As part of the Parasite Exotic grenade launcher quest, you'll need to visit all three Lost Sectors to claim that deadly power weapon.

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Quagmire - Extraction Lost Sector

Extraction Lost Sector location
Extraction Lost Sector location

In the northern section of the Quagmire, keep your eyes open for a Deepsight beacon between the path that leads to the Miasma and a cavern to the right that's occasionally filled with Scorn. You'll get a good view of Savathun's castle from here, so it's not hard to miss.

Activate the beacon with your Deepsight, and you'll notice platforms that are revealed below you. Hop on them, follow the path to the east that they create, and you'll enter a cave that's filled with Scorn.

Once you're past the subterranean area, you'll encounter stiff resistance from Hive forces that are led by a Blistered Ogre and the Lost Sector boss, Hathrek the Glasweard. As part of the Lucent Brood, Hathrek can revive from death so make certain that you crush this Hive Wizard's Ghost before they spring back to life. Take down the Hive and Scorn, and you can claim some new loot from this Lost Sector.

Miasma - Metamorphosis Lost Sector

Metamorphosis Lost Sector location
Metamorphosis Lost Sector location

You won't need to activate your Darkness powers to find the Metamorphosis Lost Sector, but this location is still well hidden. In the Miasma, follow the north path until you reach a rock formation that's crowded with enemies. To your right, you can spot the mark of a Lost Sector that leads you into the Metamorphosis zone. Head down into the caverns, and expect to face a sizable Scorn force inside, made up of Stalkers, Deranged Abominations, and Riders.

Revenant Knights can also be found here, and when they activate a shield that makes them impervious to damage, you'll need to destroy crystals in the cave to make them vulnerable again. The real threat is the Lost Sector boss Dread Tatsrekka, who will also activate shields that can only be disabled by destroying nearby crystals. Keep the pressure focused on this Scorn adversary, and you'll be able to add more gear to your arsenal once this area has been completed.

Florescent Canal - Sepulcher Lost Sector

Sepulcher Lost Sector location
Sepulcher Lost Sector location

In the Florescent Canal, head over to the gothic building near the center of her stronghold. Standing by the fountain, look for a spire that leads to a small Hive gang beneath it, and then turn around to spot the Lost Sector symbol. Head inside the structure, drop down and prepare to tangle with Hive troops. This bit of tomb raiding is fairly easy to navigate, and once you're done with the Hive troops and one dangerous Lightbearer Acolyte foe, it's time to face the real boss.

At the end of the chamber you'll find a gigantic Hive Knight, Bar-Zel, Tutelary of Savathun, flanked by troops and ready to rumble. There'll be some tough enemies here, but it'll be worth the ordeal to grab the treasure that Bar-Zel is guarding.

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