Bungie Assures Players Their Destiny 2 Characters Weren't Lost

Maintaining players' characters and progress is a "top priority" for Bungie.


Destiny 2 can take hundreds, if not thousands of hours of your time, and the thought of losing your characters due to a system error is terrifying. During the last few days, some users over at Reddit reported this very same scenario, detailing when and how it happened. Now, developer Bungie shared a notice saying that the studio is "confident that no characters or progress were incorrectly lost by our systems."

One of the Reddit threads, which was posted by user MasterCJ117 and has gathered 2,000 upvotes and over 200 comments by the time of publication, dives into the situation. Back when the Dawning event started last year, the user logged on and saw that their Warlock had been removed from their list of playable characters. According to them, a similar scenario had happened to a friend's Hunter a week afterward, but a quick restart managed to fix it. MasterCJ117 wasn't so lucky, but Bungie doesn't think it was due to an internal error.

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The player made a post over at Bungie's forums back on December 14, stating that nobody but them has access to their account. MasterCJ117 also shared a link to their Wasted on Destiny profile, where there is a slot for a "Deleted" character with 839 hours - presumably the Warlock they lost.

Just a week ago, another user by the name of CyanSolar reported on another thread about a missing Titan when they logged into Destiny 2. According to the player, the login led them to a black screen with a message saying "contacting servers," which then took them to the character select screen. That problem, however, is that their Titan wasn't available to choose.

Bungie stepped in and helped the user to recover their Titan. Liana Ruppert, community manager at Bungie, explained on the thread that it was a particular issue related to internal data, which the studio cannot disclose publicly. "The team is confident that this is isolated and does not pose a threat to other players," Ruppert wrote in a reply. "Thanks all for your interest! Really appreciate your understanding that as a CM, I cannot share more."

Another theory from MasterCJ117 is that the closing of Stadia could have been related, even if the user themself didn't make use of the service, but there aren't reports of these two cases being related for the time being. Errors are bound to happen from time to time, but at least players can rest assured that there isn't a general problem that might pose a threat to everybody's characters at random.

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