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Destiny 2 Limits Competitive Multiplayer To 4v4

Destiny 2 arrives later this year.


Destiny 2's official reveal stream is going on right now, and developer Bungie announced some big news: it is significantly rebuilding and overhauling its competitive multiplayer.

The Crucible, its competitive multiplayer mode, will only be 4v4. This means that several of the game types from the original Destiny will either not be coming to the new game or will have a different player count. In addition, Bungie is rebuilding the multiplayer's sandbox to focus more on the smaller teams.

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The developer is making some tweaks to the HUD, as well. Now, you can see if an enemy has their super charged or currently has heavy ammo.

One of the new modes Bungie announced is called Countdown. No other details were provided.

According to game director Luke Smith, these changes are due to Bungie's desire to rethink "the Crucible from first principles."

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Bungie previously announced Destiny 2's release date as September 8 alongside special editions of the game. Destiny 2 will have a season pass called the Expansion Pass, which includes "Expansion I and Expansion II, offering brand new story missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer, and a wealth of new weapons, armor, and gear."

Unlike the first game, Destiny 2 will be available for PC as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Destiny 2 will feature PS4-exclusive content for a limited time until at least Fall 2018. An open beta will be available to everyone sometime this summer, but if you pre-order the game you can play the beta early.

Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news from the Destiny 2 live stream going on right now.

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