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Where To Find Thrilladome Lost Sector In Destiny 2: Lightfall's Neomuna

Vex have invaded a Neomuna arcade, and only you can drive them out of this lost sector.


Thrilladome is one of the three new lost sectors located in Neomuna, the newly added destination in Destiny 2's Lightfall expansion. Taking the form of a Vex-infested Neomuna arcade, it combines a futuristic gaming location with Vex simulations to create a unique area to explore. The Thrilladome lost sector, which has a 1780 power level recommendation, can be challenging, but it's one that you'll want to prepare for after the Lightfall campaign ends.

For the Unfinished Business Exotic mission that will ultimately reward you with the new Deterministic Chaos machine gun, you'll need to dive into this lost sector as one of the quest steps. Once you're done with that mission, the Thrilladome is an excellent location for farming Vex as part of any possible seasonal objectives or bounties, and it has some great sections in which to practice your new Strand-swinging powers while you're dealing with the pressure of having time-traveling robots shoot a barrage of lasers at you.

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Where to find the Thrilladome lost sector

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Head to Liming Harbor and make your way to the building at the end of this location. You'll see a lost sector marking on the wall to guide you towards the Thrilladome.

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Go inside this building, and jump up to the second floor.

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On the yellow wall, look for this hatch.

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Go through it and follow the path, until you reach a vent that you can break open.

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You're now inside of the Thrilladome, which is crawling with Vex. These are mostly cannon fodder Goblins and Hobgoblins, with a few Minotaurs thrown in to mix things up, so pack some Void-energy weapons into your loadout to deal with these more dangerous foes.

This first part is where you can make good use of your explosive weapons to thin out the Vex. The arcade cabinets make for useful chokepoints, so funnel Vex into these killzones and you'll make quick work of them with a grenade launcher. Eventually, you'll come to a section where Vex have opened up a portal to the building server, so jump through into this new area.

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You'll now be in a more open-ended area, where your Strand swing will come in very handy. Vex are everywhere, and the boss of this lost sector is a Hydra by the name of Agon. Agon has the usual shields and Harpy minions to protect itself with, and once it spots you, it'll fire a relentless barrage of lasers at you. Take cover, swing between platforms, and stay mobile as you take advantage of the gap in Agon's shields.

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Once you've sent the Vex packing, you can claim your loot at the end of this level and hop through the eye of the portal to return to Neomuna.

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