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Destiny 2: Lightfall's New Final Warning Exotic Sidearm Might Be Too Overpowered For PvP

Lightfall PvP players are currently on the receiving end of a new Exotic weapon that is relentless.


Destiny 2's new Lightfall expansion has introduced several new Exotic weapons to the game, including a deadly sidearm that might be a little too good for PvP. Final Warning, a Strand-energy sidearm, is currently proving to be a menace in the Crucible, as evidenced by videos doing the rounds on social media:

What makes Final Warning so effective is that this weapon can fire rounds that aggressively track targets. For its All at Once perk, holding down the trigger marks targets within your range and loads multiple bullets, which fire in a burst with increased stability when you release the trigger. If these rounds hit a target, it'll apply a high-damage unraveling effect to them.

The gun gets even better with its other perk, Pick your Poison. This is what allows for bullets to track targets when you hip-fire the sidearm, and these rounds deal increased body shot damage on impact. If you prefer to aim, projectiles will have greatly increased velocity and deal extra critical hit damage to marked targets. With the right loadout and fireteam backing you up, Final Warning currently has devastating potential in PvP.

One tactic that players have used involves having a Titan activate their Barricade subclass ability, marking a target, and then firing upward and over the energy shield, allowing all your shots to find their mark without exposing yourself. Bungie usually keeps a very tight leash on the balance of PvP, so don't be too surprised to see this new Exotic get a nerf of some kind in the coming weeks as the studio begins fine-tuning Lightfall through patches and updates.

If you're looking to acquire the Exotic so that you can terrorize your friends in PvP, Final Warning is fairly simple to obtain. You'll first need to complete the Lightfall campaign entirely, unlock all Strand subclass upgrades on your character--all Strand Fragments have unlocked a week early--and then do some Cabal extermination in Veil Containment as part of a new Exotic quest. From there, you'll need to complete the Headlong time trial, and once that's done, you can claim Final Warning from the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes.

Another great Exotic to chase down in Lightfall is Deterministic Chaos, a heavy machine gun that was also introduced in the expansion. For more Lightfall guides, you can check out how to defeat Calus on Legend difficulty, how to level up quickly, and all the Neomuna region chest locations.

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