Destiny 2: Lightfall Is Introducing Multiple Loadouts And Huge Mod Tweaks

Champion mods, in particular, are getting a long-awaited rework.


Destiny 2: Lightfall is only a month away from release, and we're beginning to learn more about what to expect. Developer Bungie has now detailed a rundown of tweaks regarding loadouts, presenting a new system that will allow you to register different armor sets so you can switch between them on the fly. In addition, mods will undergo an interesting overhaul--and yes, this does include the often annoying Champion mods as well.

Starting with loadouts, Lightfall is introducing a dedicated panel on your Character screen with multiple slots. In them, you'll be able to create and name specific combinations of gear, including all three weapon slots, as well as your five pieces of gear.

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According to Bungie, the idea for this new menu is to simplify the process of changing through different sets, which would often require multiple trips to the vault or the use of a second-screen app. Thanks to loadouts, you'll be able to have all of your gear at quick disposal, as well as identify each group with different icons, names, and colors depending on what you're planning to use them for (different activities, damage types, and so on.)

There are multiple aesthetic options to customize each loadout so you can easily identify them on the fly.
There are multiple aesthetic options to customize each loadout so you can easily identify them on the fly.

Loadouts in Destiny 2: Lightfall will have a total of ten slots. but you'll have to unlock them. This will be done through the new Guardian Ranks system, which will have different tasks to complete in order to level up and unlock different benefits for your character.

Speaking of those benefits, mods will be related to Guardian Ranks as well. Instead of relying on Ada-1 to purchase mods, all mods will be unlocked by achieving Guardian Rank 6. This means that most players who have already spent some time in the game will most likely start at Guardian Rank 6, and have all mods ready from the get-go.

The overall customization is getting an aesthetic overhaul, too, so you won't need to go through each individual piece of gear to insert mods. Instead, you'll be able to just swap between them using a few handy rows corresponding to each of your armor's pieces. And yes, this also applies to weapons as well.

Mod Customization will be much more straightforward once Lightfall launches.
Mod Customization will be much more straightforward once Lightfall launches.

But that's not all. For starters, mod energy types are being removed completely, so you will no longer need to have four different versions of an armor piece just for buildcrafting. The Combat Style socket is becoming an additional mod socket, while the energy cost of many of the mods is being reduced.

Armor mods that previously provided buffs to weapons based on their archetype, such as the Hand Cannon Loader, will now instead benefit weapons based on their damage type. In addition, Artifact mods are being turned into unlockable perks, which means you won't have to socket them anymore. Instead, these will be unlocked during a season and being "passively" applied to your loadout. It's worth noting that you'll need to pick and choose which of these new Artifact perks you have enabled at a given time, and you'll be able to freely reset your upgrade choices.

Since the Combat Mod socket will no longer be available, there are several mods that will now be part of a revamped system (yes, another one!) called Armor Charge. In essence, socketing an armor mod that uses Armor Charge will grant you access to it. Taking Charge is now granted to you whenever you have mod of said type equipped, and you'll be able to hold between zero and three stacks of Armor Charge by default, which will be displayed as Status Effects. The number can be increased up to six by socketing chest armor mods. Others can provide passive effects that last over time, and ultimately, Finishers will now consume Armor Charges instead of using your Super energy.

An early look at how Mod Customization will look for weapons.
An early look at how Mod Customization will look for weapons.

Other changes related to mods coming with Destiny 2: Lightfall are the removal of Match Game from high-difficulty activities. Base shield resistance to non-matching damage types are being adjusted to 50%, in a similar fashion to Gambit, and Bungie mentioned that there'll be other ways to do bonus damage to shields that will be detailed closer to launch.

If you're wondering about Champion mods, these are not going away entirely. Instead, Bungie is adding a few more anti-Champion options to your subclasses, which will complement your weapons. For example, using volatile rounds or becoming radiant will pierce and stun Barrier Champions. For Unstoppable Champions, encasing them in Stasis and then shattering the attack, or using Solar ignition will do the work.

It seems that Lightfall will bring several changes to Destiny 2, but in the meantime, don't forget to stay up to date with the Seasonal Challenges, as well as Iron Banner.

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