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Destiny 2 Final Warning Exotic Guide: How To Farm Strand Meditations And Get Lightfall's New Sidearm

The grind for Strand Meditations pays off with the new Final Warning Exotic sidearm.


Completing the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign will allow you to unlock the new Strand subclass, but not all of its customization options are immediately available. Using the new Strand Meditations currency, you'll need to purchase grenades, Aspects, and Fragments, all of which can be obtained from the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna. Once you've unlocked the full suite of abilities, you'll then be able to start a quest to obtain a new Exotic sidearm, Final Warning. Here's how it all works.

You'll earn 300 Strand Meditations by speaking to Nimbus if you complete the Legendary campaign, and the Pouka Pond will give you 500 to start unlocking options. The grenade section has the Threadling grenade, Shackle grenade, and Grapple; each of those abilities costs 50 Strand Meditations. The two Aspects cost 150 Strand Meditations each, and each of the 14 Fragments costs 200 Strand Meditations. Unlocking all Strand abilities on a single class will help customize your subclass, but it'll also unlock The Final Strand Exotic quest, which can be claimed from the Pouka Pond.

While farming for Strand Meditations, be sure to grab the Exotic quests for the Deterministic Chaos machine gun and the Winterbite glaive.

How to farm Strand Meditations

Strand Meditations--that look like green triangular motes--usually drop when you or a nearby player defeat enemies anywhere with Strand abilities, so be sure to pick those up. Enemies in the Vex Incursion Zone marked on your Neomuna map have a higher chance of dropping Strand Meditations.

Strand Meditation currency from an enemy combatant
Strand Meditation currency from an enemy combatant

You'll get some during the campaign, quests, and when you reach reputation rank 18 with Nimbus, which gets you a 200 Strand Meditation bundle. However, that still won't be enough to get all Strand abilities, so patrolling around Neomuna--especially in the Vex Incursion Zone--is the quickest way to farm Strand Meditations.

Patrols give seven Strand Meditations, Lost Sector chests reward 12, high-value targets give you seven, and Heroic public events give 25. Terminal Overload key chests can drop up to 100. You may get an additional few from completing those activities. Doing these activities in the Vex Incursion Zone with your Strand subclass equipped will help you acquire Strand Meditations easily.

How to get the Final Warning Exotic

In order to get The Final Strand Exotic quest, you'll need to upgrade your Strand subclass by acquiring all of the grenades, Aspects, and Fragments from the Pouka Pond. When you grab the quest, it'll tell you to speak with Nimbus.

The second step needs you to search for Strand-inoculated gadgets in the Veil Containment on Neomuna. The Veil Containment is on the bottom left corner of the Neomuna map; you can enter the area from Zephyr Concourse. Head through Esi Terminal and take the portal in Irkalla Complex.

After you defeat the Shadow Legion combatants and Colossus to get the Shadow Legion Orders, go to the Typhon Imperator in Ahimsa Park to retrieve the Veil spectrometer. When you reach the brightly-lit area with the two giant statues facing each other, jump onto the long platform below and defeat the Tormentor boss to get the Veil spectrometer.

The Tormentor boss in the Typhon Imperator for The Final Strand quest
The Tormentor boss in the Typhon Imperator for The Final Strand quest

Revisit the Pouka Pond to get the next quest step, which asks you to complete Osiris's training program in Radiosonde--same as the Headlong campaign mission--in less than five minutes and 30 seconds. With more Strand capabilities available than during the campaign and being at a higher Power level, you can complete this objective easily. Just make sure you have your Super and enough heavy ammo to take down the boss quickly.

Head back to the Pouka Pond to get the Final Warning Exotic sidearm.

Reward: Final Warning Exotic sidearm

The Final Warning weapon details
The Final Warning weapon details

The Final Warning is a primary Exotic sidearm that fires Strand bursts when you mark targets within close range by holding down the trigger. If targets are hit with a charged burst, they will unravel. The All At Once intrinsic trait charges up quickly, giving you only a few seconds to mark targets. It also has a trait called Pick Your Poison where hipfiring increases body shot damage to marked targets, but aiming down sights gives increased velocity and deals extra critical hit damage. Also, some players have complained that Final Warning is currently overpowered in PvP.

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