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Destiny 2 Is Making The Scallywag Title Easier To Earn

Soon, the Tower will be full of Scallywags.


Like other seasons before it, Season of Plunder has given players a chance to earn a new title--in this case, Scallywag--by completing several seasonal Triumphs within the game. While these activities haven't been too challenging, they have been time-consuming with their requirements and Bungie has decided to make this pursuit easier.

"We've looked at the data and the Season of Plunder Seal and title is harder to acquire than originally intended," Bungie explained in its weekly blog update. "To earn the Seal you will still need to complete the vast majority of Plunder content and show mastery over the Seasonal activities. Seals are meant to be an aspirational goal, but our data shows that certain triumphs were over-tuned. We're taking the feedback around Destiny's grind to heart which is why we made the decision to deploy the following changes before the Season concludes."

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One of the big changes is focused on Ruffians, tough enemies who spawn in Expeditions. Previously, you'd need to defeat 50 of them to get the associated triumph, but Bungie is lowering this to 10 due to players not encountering these Champions often enough. They proved to be a major point of frustration, as players could unwittingly prevent them from ever spawning. This, in turn, led to players hunting Ruffians needing to actively prevent the team from making progress during Expeditions to ensure they would show up.

The Vendor upgrade requirement is being lowered from 23 to 14, the equivalent of completing the first seven weeks of seasonal challenges that awards the seasonal currency Repute, and the First Mates triumph will also be a little easier.

Bungie says that this step didn't have a deep enough tutorial for some players to fully grasp, so you'll only need to promote and summon each unique First Mate once. Lastly, players will need to complete 8 out of 9 Triumphs in total to earn their seasonal title. This week's patch also saw some technical changes made to Destiny 2 to help with obtaining the Scallywag title, as the Semaphore Signals Triumph was causing a few headaches.

A few more changes are on the horizon for Season 19, including a brand-new Iron Banner mode that puts a dangerous spin on the Control match type, a new community event to help spruce up the Eliksni Quarter, and playlist revamps to look forward to.

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