Destiny 2 Iron Banner's Iron Forerunner Armor Is Now On Fire

Bungie added a new Iron Banner armor set called Iron Forerunner in Season of the Lost, the armor is now on fire as during another Iron Banner event of the season.


Iron Banner is back in Destiny 2 this week, following the Festival of the Lost with one easily noticeable change. Season 15's Iron Forerunner gear now has a flaming animation. If you already have these armor pieces, all you need to do is put it on your character to see the flames. This was an update made this week, the Iron Forerunner armor has been around since the beginning of Season of the Lost.

Iron Forerunner set with flames
Iron Forerunner set with flames

This feature does not apply to any previous Iron Banner armor from Destiny 2. Keep in mind that only the wolf and tree Iron Banner symbol has flames, not the entire armor set. Some pieces may not have flames because there is no symbol on them.

The new fire animation isn't like the Solstice Majestic ornaments that make every piece glow; the fire may only show up on one or two pieces of armor. Also, unlike ornaments, you can't remove the flames. Bungie decided to add this feature quite randomly to the set in the middle of the season.

Bungie addressed that this feature only applies to the armor when Saladin is at the Tower. This will most likely deactivate during weeks where Iron Banner is not around.

Fire is a big part of Iron Banner, when you grab a zone there's a fire pit in the middle, but this gear is reminiscent of Days of Iron armor set from Destiny: Rise of Iron. However, that armor looked as if the fire was coming from inside, making our Guardian look like a grim Souls-like character. This set is the first in Destiny 2 to have this sort of fiery look.

Days of Iron set from Destiny 1 Rise of Iron
Days of Iron set from Destiny 1 Rise of Iron

This is not the only reason you should keep the Iron Forerunner set, because equipping this set gives you additional rewards. Also, every Iron Forerunner armor piece has a perk called Iron Lord's Pride, which makes it more likely for an Enhancement Prism to drop from completing Iron Banner matches. You can stack this a maximum of four times by wearing four armor pieces.

The current Iron Banner will run from November 2 to November 9.

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