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Destiny 2: Into The Light's New Social Space Has Great Weapons, Armor, And A Metal Shader To Earn

The Hall of Heroes will be a new home away from home for Guardians before The Final Shape launches.


Ahead of The Final Shape in June, Destiny 2 is paving the way for a showdown with The Witness by unlocking some of its most beloved weapons and giving Guardians a new social space to hang out in. Like previous seasons, Into the Light brings with it a brand-new location where you'll be able to earn rewards and other cool stuff: The Hall of Heroes.

Hilariously, Shaxx's headquarters for Into the Light can be found in the backstage area of the Tower, where decorations for events like The Dawning and Festival of the Lost are kept in storage.

Similar to Xur's Hoard in Infinity, the Hall of Heroes has a selection of chests that can be opened. Several of these chests will be class-specific, and for newcomers or returning players, they can get up to speed by grabbing the Gift of the Thunder Gods armor set. These armor pieces and weapons were originally introduced in Season of Plunder and boasted high stats, power levels, and around eight energy per piece to allow for some advanced buildcrafting. For Into the Light, these will boost players to the Powerful cap of Destiny 2.

Shaxx and his assistant Arcite will offer gear from his Den of Antiquities, including weapons from the Brave Arsenal. This is a greatest hits collection of 12 classic Destiny weapons, which feature reworks to help them fit into the current meta of the game.

Brave Arsenal weapons

  • Blast Furnace
  • Hung Jury
  • Succession
  • Midnight Coup
  • Mountaintop
  • Forbearance
  • Recluse
  • Edge Transit
  • Hammerhead
  • Luna's Howl
  • Falling Guillotine
  • Elsie's Rifle

For armor, Shaxx will offer pieces inspired by the Parade Armor from the first year of Destiny 2. Fans of heavy metal armor shaders can also look forward to the return of Super Black, which will make your armor very, very black. Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity? Possibly!

There'll also be new quests, a chance to "attune" your luck to get your desired weapon more often when completing events in the Onslaught horde mode, and there'll even be special-edition versions of the Brave Arsenal to unlock. These will only be available during Into the Light, as once The Final Shape arrives, only the base versions can be unlocked.

One more livestream is planned for next week, April 2 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, and if you've been watching so far, you'll be eligible to unlock some emblems. Into the Light will go live on April 9 alongside Update 7.3.6, and it'll add new story content throughout April and May. For more on Destiny 2, you can check out how the recently released Final Shape collector's edition hints at tragedy in the future of the game.

Especially if you try to rip it open with a screwdriver.

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