Destiny 2: "I Hope People Complain About How Much Story We Have"

"We're learning from and listening to all the feedback we got on Destiny 1, and we're applying it."

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One of the most heavily criticised elements of Destiny was its story, and that's nothing new for Bungie games, as people didn't always love Halo's story, either. Now, senior narrative lead Jason Harris and cinematic lead Matthew Ward have talked about how the story for Destiny 2 will be more of a focus compared to the original.

"Destiny 1 in a way was foundational," Ward told IGN. "It was meant to set up the world and ask a lot of questions, but not necessarily deliver too many answers. But leave enough out there for us to build upon."

Destiny 1's DLC, including House of Wolves, Rise of Iron, and Taken King did not focus much on the mysterious Traveler, but Destiny 2 will, Ward said. While he didn't give away any specific details, he and Harris promised Destiny 2 will have a lot of story baked into it, so much that fans might take issue with how much story there is.

"We're learning from and listening to all the feedback we got on Destiny 1, and we're applying it," Ward said. "I hope people complain about how much story we have. That'd be the Reddit thread I'd like to read. 'Too much damn story [makes angry typing gesture].'"

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Harris said in the interview that Bungie "spent a lot of time" world-building for the Destiny franchise overall. He added, "I can't emphasize enough that we are now ready to tell stories in this world. Big, expansive, cinematic stories."

"I think players are ultimately going to see a wide variety of story channels, an eclectic number of outlets to see story infused throughout the game; top to bottom, soup to nuts. There is story everywhere," he said.

Destiny 2's beta starts on July 18 for PS4 and July 19 for Xbox One, first for people who pre-order the game. It then opens up to everyone on July 21, wrapping up on July 23. The beta will be available on PC later.

The beta lets you try the opening story mission, called Homecoming, as well as the Inverted Spire Strike mission. In Crucible, you can try two modes, Control and Countdown. Additionally, the new social space, The Farm, will be playable for a period of time.

Some services won't be online yet, however. The beta won't support Destiny 2's Clan features, character progression won't be representative of the final game, and characters will be wiped before the game is released. If you participate in the beta, you will get a special emblem.

The full version of Destiny 2 launches in September for PS4 and Xbox One, with a release on PC to come in October.

Recently, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said Destiny 1 didn't release content fast enough to meet players' expectations. To address this, Activision is bringing in more studios to work alongside Bungie on Destiny 2.

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Avatar image for sorroww0lf

Originally, the writers of Destiny 1's story, came up with a traditional, linear story. The heads of Bungie and Activision were the ones that said no to it, and the lead writer left. The heads of Bungie and Activision then were slapped in the face, with Destiny getting a 6 out of 10 review. And boundless complaints about the story, or lack there of. The current Destiny 2 leads, Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy, did there best to create a more intact, followable story in the Taken King expansion. So all they really need to do, is stick with a more linear style of narrative, which in them focusing on the Red Legion, headed by Ghaul, they seem to be doing. My guess is there will still be those, "People still play this game," complainers, that will give it a crappy review, even if they don't play it.

Avatar image for otterbee

First, the translation of this is, "We're going to be subjected to 30 minutes cut-scenes, with no way to skip them". :)

Now, being serious...I constantly read complaints about how Destiny lacked story, but every time I hear someone mention it, they speak in abstracts. I would like to see people say WHY they think the story sucked, WHY it was inadequate, and WHAT was lacking in it. Was it that the story lacked cohesion, and just didn't make sense? Was it the voice acting that was the problem? I'm hoping all these people that complained about the story provided concrete examples and questions as to WHY it did.

And I really wish Bungie would stop speaking in abstracts about it; I agree with the sentiment of another that said it sounds like a lot of "Trump'ism". The proclamation lacks any substance. Bungie needs to say, "this is exactly the feedback we got...and here's how we are addressing it in Destiny 2". Have they done that anywhere?

Avatar image for esqueejy

"I Hope People Complain About How Much Story We Have"

They certainly will if it sucks. Quality > quantity.

Avatar image for JamesHetfield89

I continue to be skeptical because Bungie keeps doubling down on what they did regarding the story in Destiny 1. They either don't understand what was wrong with it (everything, in every imaginable way) or they do but don't care.

Destany's story, the quantum sized bits of story it did have, was quite bad...but the bigger issue is that it had functionally no story whatsoever. It didn't ask questions - players asked questions about basic elements of fiction that were not present. Fiction that lays everything to bare in direct view of the reader/viewer is almost always bad and Destiny failed to even hit that tragically low bar by massively underdeveloping it's fiction. It is as if step 1 of the process was giving some halfbaked proper names to initial concept art and they stopped there.

A very long time ago Bungie should have copped to it. No need to be super candid about it, a simple acknowledgement that something went wrong somewhere and it was past the point of no return. A we f**ked it all up but it's being corrected - and then showing evidence of it.

Avatar image for the-games-masta

Quantity isn't really an issue if the quality is

Avatar image for GabrielX-X

If you say so Bungie, but I wont buy it at launch this time. You lost my trust.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

Sounds like Donald Trump.

There will be so much story, you will be SICK of story!


Avatar image for CyberEarth

@DeadlyMustard: Don't forget the "<insert other game's story> is just disgusting! Simply disgusting! It's fat and bloated!"

Avatar image for doublem-k

Yea right, Bungie..

Avatar image for JustinGoSka

I want to believe Bungie, but they did say the same exact thing before The Dark Bellow expansion came out, and we got three story missions and a stone, the only story being that we kill omnigul and then kill crota.

Avatar image for paullyv

I hope they prevent repetitive grinding, make each session unique somehow.

Avatar image for dmblum1799

I'll put several hundred hours into a souls game or a fallout, and maybe 20 hours into a game like Destiny. But to play for a bit a shoot stuff and what not, it was decent enough. I don't get all the hype around shooters, but to each his own.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

*Bungie overcorrects and makes 20+ minute cutscenes like Metal Gear Solid*

Avatar image for Azghouls

@Greyfox-101: That's when you open a door. Imagine going beyond that.

Avatar image for RussellMartin

Yes, more story please. In One I got real tired of the seemingly pointless grind, much of which I could not get through. hopefully this one will be better.

Avatar image for iammcgruber

When devs say they're listening and learning what fans want in video games in 2017 after they've been in the business for 20 some can smell the PR bullshit through the screen. "Oh we didn't know you guys wanted to know what the **** was going on in the games you play, okay well now that we know we can fix that for you in the future *smiley face followed by eggplant emoji*

Avatar image for doubtless1

How stupid does Activision Bungie think its fanbase is? Held back story elements.. that's hilarious. More like they had a falling out with the original writer and just had to leave everything as is with placeholder names due to deadlines. Anyone who thinks the original vision of the "story" is being held up in followup games are clearly in denial. Stop giving them money for a mediocre game with a mediocre presentation. Spoiler alert, 90% of this game will also be you fighting off waves of the same shit for 140 hours.

Avatar image for nikon133

@doubtless1: Actually, 2 writers. It was well documented back in the days. Leading and 2nd writer have left company within a year or so, if memory serves... after that, Bungie has basically surgically removed story and served us with Destiny that was.

With that being said... maybe writer have left because Activision wanted them to cut the story into tiny pieces and serve it through gazillion of DLCs - payable ones, of course. One of those chicken or egg scenarios.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@doubtless1: Haha yeah especially when the majority of things in the game were basically named after what it was in an almost literal way.

Employee 1 - "umm...these are the bad guys so umm..let's just call them the Darkness...and if the bad guys are the Darkness then the good stuff should be the Light then, right?"

Employee 2 - "Sure"

Employee 1 - "What do we call this guy? He like tells you what to do and gives some exposition occasionally."

Employee 2 - "err...if he talks let's call him...the Speaker?"

Employee 1 - "Sounds good to me."

Employee 2 - "This ball thing travels around space"

Employee 1 - "wait...what if we called it the Traveler?"

Avatar image for deactivated-5a60f921620ed

@Greyfox-101: Had this exact conversation with a buddy few months after we got D1. It is apparent that this is just a cash grab! How new MMO's can release from no name devs with months of content, and Bungie can release a potato is beyond me!

Avatar image for JustinGoSka

@Greyfox-101: I think the names and titles in Destiny are fine. Using nouns as names for things is common in science fiction. The problemblem is that the game had no plot. It was just a bunch of unrelated, uninspired missions with no overall story arch, no climax, and no resolutions.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@JustinGoSka: I think it's just sort of jarring when there are characters named Variks, Ikora Rey, Cayde, etc. and then there is the stranger who is literally called "Stranger" lol

Avatar image for santinegrete

That complain is better than "how bad it is" or "how abysmaly presented is in a motherf***ing glossary".

Avatar image for tbner

I was fine with everything, except in order to continue most of the story mode you need other players to continue. And when ya can't get other people in time or are on at weird times of the day it makes it a pain in the ass. Strikes, and raids. Everything needs matchmaking thrown in there. Then I won't get upset and not play for months on end. A few people I have spoken to said the same thing.

Avatar image for animal84

99% of people trash talking Destiny are going to be playing Destiny 2.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@animal84: I am the 1%!

You can go eat cake. :P

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@animal84: It's possible to critique something that you still do. If you watch the NBA, but think flopping ruins the game, that doesn't mean you necessarily are never going to watch it or enjoy it again.

In my opinion, if you do actually play it then it makes more sense that you'd be able to point out its flaws in addition to positive things.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@animal84: Considering I quit Destiny 1 w/o playing the first DLC content I had already paid for and never went back I'm going to say you're mistaken heh. I'm looking for Anthem to fill that niche now anyway, I prefer third-person to first person as well so that much better for me. In fairness though I wasn't completely closed to the idea of playing D2 until I saw the game play footage and it looks like just more of the same to me. I dunno as they say first impressions matter and Destiny did not make a good one on me, done with that franchise.

Avatar image for mvilleguy88

@yoda101280: Same bought destiny 1, played for 2-3 weeks returned to gamestop for $40 or 40 game bucks and never looked back.

Avatar image for leblnk

@animal84: You're 100% making that up.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M


You can brag about your campaign being 10, 12, 15, 20+ hours long but if the story itself is garbage and the characters are not memorable then guess what? The campaign is garbage.

I hope Destiny 2 delivers with the campaign because we already know it'll deliver with the Crucible(Halo with powers which is fun). This time though I refuse to play it in 30fps. I'll enjoy it in 4K ULTRA at 60fps on PC.

Avatar image for moonco

Bungie would never make a game again if they listened to all the feedback they got from Destiny 1

Avatar image for lilhurk1985187

Fix the stupid RNG in this game.

Avatar image for animal84

@lilhurk1985187: RNG provides replay. You want everything in one raid? They already stated guns won't have RNG stats anymore.

Avatar image for lilhurk1985187

@animal84: Not everything,but i do want something thats either epic or legendary with no duplicates when i do complete said raid,especially with how long raids can take. They also need a raid matchmaking instead of the shit they have now.

Avatar image for jdkillustration

Destiny 2: "I Hope People Complain About How Much Story We Have"

Me: i hOpe PEopLe cOmPlaiN aBoUt HOw mUCh sToRy wE haVE

And let's not forget this quote on the back of the game case for the original Destiny... "Destiny is a next generation shooter with "RICH CINEMATIC STORYTELLING" set in huge worlds to explore..." and so on.

Avatar image for paullyv

@jdkillustration: take my money!!!

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

That is unfortunate, I thought the story and lore was fine in the first game......if I wanted a story-driven game, I would go looking for that elsewhere and not in a gameplay driven, online loot-based game.

I dont remember people complaining about the lack for story in Diablo, because the setup was sufficient for all the action. Anyways, hopefully the extra effort for the story didn't take away resources that could have been better used(improve gameplay, more maps, etc.).

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@Alucard_Prime: No, if you know what you're buying.

I bought Borderlands expecting half-decent plot. Instead after the first stint the game was forgotten on my shelf for years before I finally forced myself to grind it.

I didn't buy Destiny, but knowing the narrative of Halo I would have expected the story to be a pretty big deal.

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Good point

Avatar image for deactivated-5a60f921620ed

I will not pre-order this, and will wait to see what Black Friday brings me. The issue was never about Destiny being a bad game. Hell in fact it was a great game with far far far too little content. The first 10 hours, or so were super fun, but then after that you were surrounded by invisible walls. I remember before the beta Bungie was like "You see that? You can go way over there", and then when you tried in the retail game you just fell off a cliff lol. Not getting fooled this time around!!!!!!!

Avatar image for mvilleguy88

@sdecker425: Yeah, can't believe anything they say at this point, they'll have to put there money where their mouth is if they want me back on board.

Avatar image for morg444

I think the PC version is going to be junk. PC users expect a lot more than console / toy version of games. Too bad it will be a gimped game.

Avatar image for se7en1989

@morg444: Pretty much, that and the fact they're treating PC players like second class citizens to begin with. They won't be getting my money.

Avatar image for golden1elite

Sorry Destiny and Bungie. I can not trust you right now. Destiny 1 was so devoid of content it was not even funny. They announced that, "Once you get to max lvl in destiny it will open up the whole game, giving us untold content.", So I ground to max lvl and found out once I got there that the game came to a dead stop and did not open up more content. It actually shut down and only gave you one thing to do, play PVP. Until the "Pay me more money" expansion pack came out. The expansion really should have been part of the main game to make it feel like a full game. Sorry I am still bitter at Bungie for the trick they pulled on me two years ago.