Destiny 2: How To Start The Exotic Xenophage Weapon Quest

Add another Exotic to your Guardian's collection.


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will reward you with plenty of Exotics if you're working through the weekly events. Season of the Undying has seen the launch of three new Exotic weapon quest since the start of Destiny 2's newest expansion, and more are sure to follow. The latest is the Xenophage Exotic machine gun, which came to the game at the same time as the Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2's annual Halloween event, and the new moon dungeon, Pit of Heresy. Like recent quests to earn Divinity, Deathbringer, and Leviathan's Breath, getting Xenophage is a lengthy journey that requires quite a bit of work and puzzle-solving know-how.

To start the Xenophage quest, you'll need to head to the moon. From there, things get a bit confusing. You'll need to make your way into a special section of the Shadowkeep area that you usually only see when you complete Eris's weekly memory quests. Once you find it, there's a lot more to do.

Here's everything you need to know to get started on the Xenophage quest, including where to go and how to solve the puzzle involving the statues you'll find there.

Where To Start The Xenophage Exotic Quest

The entire Xenophage quest takes place on the moon, so head there first. You'll want to drop by the Sanctuary and talk to Eris Morn to get yourself started on the quest to unlock the Pit of Heresy, the Shadowkeep expansion's new dungeon. Once you've got the necessary quest steps, you're ready to find the start of the Xenophage quest.

To kick off your journey to get the Exotic machine gun, you'll need to go to Eris's spot overlooking the pyramid. If you've done any of the quests to cleanse Eris's memories, you'll have seen this spot--but to get to it, you usually take the portal next to Eris in the Sanctuary. So you have two options: Either complete the weekly memory to open the portal and get to the spot, or take the long way around and walk to that location. If you have to walk, here's how to get there.

How To Get To Eris's Overlook In The Enduring Abyss

Start by spawning in at Sorrow's Harbor. Ride your Sparrow north to the entrance where you'd normally begin the Scarlet Keep Strike, and the beginning of the path you took to enter the pyramid in the campaign.

As you enter the Scarlet Keep, you'll have paths open to the left and right with a green summoning crystal in the center of the room, like in the Savathun's Song Strike. Take the left door--this is the one that guides you toward the pyramid and the path you take during the story.

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Keep walking through the tunnel until you see a big green glowing chandelier lying in the middle of the path, against a rock. When you hit this spot, look up and to your right; you should see an opening you can jump up to that's not immediately apparent. If you enter the dark area with the white rocky walls (where you first found Nightmare Thralls during the story campaign), you've gone too far. You also should not emerge outside either.

When you climb up, you'll enter the area near Eris's overlook. Bear left on the path and you should find your way there with no problem. The pyramid will be in front of you, and you'll have four Hive statues spread out on either side of the room. These are what you're looking for.

How To Activate The Statues

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If you approach the Hive statues, you'll see a prompt to interact with them that says "Emerge from Darkness." You need to activate all four statues in the proper order to kick off the Xenophage quest. Standing in the doorway facing toward the pyramid, you'll have four statues around you--front and back right, and front and back left.

Activate the statues in this order:

  • Back right
  • Back left
  • Front left
  • Front right

If you do it right, you'll receive The Journey, the Xenophage Exotic quest. Your next step takes you to Anchor of Light.

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