Destiny 2: How To Get Your Forsaken Subclass Trees And Supers

The New Visions milestone is your ticket to a Seed of Light, and a new subclass tree.


Among the most exciting additions in Destiny 2's new Forsaken DLC is that of new subclass trees. While not a full-on new class or subclass, these branches do provide some variety for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters to enjoy (and may give you an edge in the newly launched Raid). You might be eager to start getting your hands on these--here's what you'll need to do to get your first one. If you're undecided about picking up the expansion, check out our Forsaken review-in-progress.

After completing the opening mission, you'll receive a milestone called New Powers. This tasks you with collecting Visions of Light, which are items that seem to be dropped exclusively by enemies with yellow health bars. You'll see an on-screen indication when you pick one up; on the ground, they look like bright blue feathers, and they're accompanied by a visual effect in the air above them that makes them fairly easy to spot. If you take part in a fight that covers a large area, just be sure to swing back around and pick up any you might have missed.

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You'll need 100 Visions of Light to advance to the next part; you can track your progress from the Director. Be sure to keep a close eye on this--aside from a single pop-up notification, it can be easy to collect all 100 you need without realizing you're ready for the next step.

Once that is done, you'll get access to a new mission on Io called Visions of Light. We'll leave the specifics of the mission to you, but suffice it to say it involves taking down a lot of Taken and receiving a message from the Traveler.

Toward the end of the mission, you'll receive a new item, the Seed of Light. Once you've obtained this, you can go into each of your subclasses' Details screen to see a new, third tree. Like the other trees, it consists of four different upgrades that you'll receive in time. You start out by spending the Seed of Light to unlock the first of the four upgrades, but beware--the game makes it clear the seeds are "very rare," so you should be sure to pick the subclass you want to focus on first. In time, you'll get them all, but the others won't come until after you finish Forsaken's campaign and can successfully make it through the Blind Well activity, where Seeds are random drops.

With that choice made, you're left to kill a seemingly endless supply of Taken with an unlimited supply of Super energy. It's a fun sequence that also nets you some nice new upgrades for your subclass of choice.

Forsaken is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, though PS4 gets some exclusive items. On the bright side for PC and Xbox One players, Year 1 PS4 exclusives are finally available as part of the new update. Forsaken itself also adds new Exotics weapons and armor, alongside Gambit mode and much more.

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