Destiny 2 - How To Get The Vapoorwill Spin Exotic Ship: Rite Of Dawning Quest Guide

This year's holiday celebration in Destiny 2, the Dawning, includes two lengthy quests in which you bring some cheer to the Vanguard's allies. Here's how to make a gift for Caiatl.


This year's Dawning event for Destiny 2 goes beyond the usual activities of baking cookies and bringing them to all the game's many vendors. It includes a couple of fairly lengthy story quests, in which you bring some holiday cheer to the Vanguard's new, unlikely allies: the Cabal empress, Caiatl, and the Eliskni refugees of the House of Light. Completing each quest unlocks items you can purchase from Dawning vendor Eva Levante, allowing you to get more rolls of Dawning-specific weapons, and finishing them is required to claim the new Dawning Exotic jumpship, Vapoorwill Spin.

Here's how to knock out Zavala's questline for the Dawning to bring a gift to Caiatl, strengthen the Vanguard's alliance with the Cabal, and generally help make some characters happy for the holidays. You'll also want to complete The Pigeon Provides to get Vapoorwill Spin, and you'll also earn the new Stasis sword, Zephyr, for your trouble.

Meet Eva To Get Your Quests

After meeting with Eva Levante to kick off the Dawning, you'll receive a quest to go talk to Zavala. Eva is of the opinion that the cheer of the Dawning ought to be spread to the new, tentative ally the Vanguard has struck up in Caiatl, the Cabal empress, and she sends you to Zavala to suggest the idea.

Zavala likes the idea, but in order to give Caiatl a proper Dawning gift, you'll need to find several Cabal cultural items so that you impress the empress without insulting her. So first, you need to figure out what a proper gift actually is by gathering information in the EDZ.

Find Festive Intel At Firebase Hades

To find out some stuff about Cabal, head to where the Cabal are. That's the Firebase Hades area of the EDZ. When you arrive, make your way around the outside of the area to the west side of the area. You want to check near the big base wall, to the left of the main opening. When you get close you should see a HUD marker that'll point you to the intel data pad you're searching for.

Look for the Festive Intel in the southwest corner of the Firebase Hades area.
Look for the Festive Intel in the southwest corner of the Firebase Hades area.

With that in hand, you'll now know what you need to hunt down. The intel will direct you to your next step, which, luckily, is very close by.

Complete the Pathfinder's Crash Lost Sector

The Lost Sector you're looking for is also located in Firebase Hades. You're looking for Torobatl Ceremonial Cup for Caiatl, which you can get just by clearing out the Lost Sector and opening the chest at the end. That's pretty simple, and you can do the activity at the regular difficulty. Just jump down, kill everything, and open the chest to move on to the next step.

Rob the Arms Dealer

You need one more item to complete your gift. To get it, you'll need to take it from another Cabal enemy--the boss of the Arms Dealer Strike in the EDZ, Bracus Zahn. You can access the Strike from the Vanguard playlist, but the easier way to get it done is to choose it from the EDZ Director map. It's pretty easy when activated from the map node, so just shut it down as quickly as possible to get yourself some special Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments.

Obtain Ceremonial Wine From The Drifter

The Dawning is all about giving gifts, and most of the time, those gifts are baked goods. The last item you need is a bottle of Cabal wine that happens to be in the Drifter's possession. In order to get it, you'll have to bribe him with cookies. You'll need to bake three Dark Chocolate Motes to get the wine off the Drifter.

You kind of have to bribe the Drifter with sweets to get what you need for this quest.
You kind of have to bribe the Drifter with sweets to get what you need for this quest.

Those three cookies are easy enough to come by if you have the right ingredients. You'll need Taken Butter and Null Taste; the former you can obtain from killing Taken enemies, while the latter you'll earn when you kill baddies with Void damage. If your Dawning oven isn't Masterworked yet, you'll also need 45 Essence of Dawning in total--15 per cookie. You can get Essence from any activity in the game, including Strikes, Public Events, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches. You can Masterwork the oven by unlocking and cooking all of its recipes, including the two new ones, Starwort Thins and Ascendant Apple Tart. Do that, and each cookies will only cost you 10 Essence of Dawning.

Deliver the cookies to the Drifter and you'll get the first item you need for your gift to Caiatl. Head back to Zavala and he'll tell you how to actually get the gift into the hands of the empress.

Visit the Proving Grounds

According to Zavala, the effort you go to in delivering your gift is as important as the gift itself. So to properly show Caiatl how hard you're willing to work for her holiday cheer, you need to complete the Proving Grounds Strike on Nessus. As with The Arms Dealer, you can launch the Strike from the planetary Director screen, which will give you an easier version of the Strike than if you wait for it to show up at random using the Vanguard playlist.

Finish the Strike as usual and you'll deliver all that ceremonial gear to the Cabal empress. Return to Zavala to complete the quest and claim a Dawning weapon for your efforts.

You'll need to complete both Dawning quests to nab the Vapoorwill Spin jumpship.
You'll need to complete both Dawning quests to nab the Vapoorwill Spin jumpship.

With that done, you can claim a new Gift Exchange from Eva that let you swap your Gift In Return packages for specific Dawning weapon drops. Complete the second questline, The Pigeon Provides, to claim your Vapoorwill Spin ship.

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