Destiny 2 Has Big Plans To Make Titans Less Of A Menace In PvP

It's good news for anyone who has gotten really fed up with bubble spam in the Crucible.


Destiny 2 Supers, the ultimate Light and Darkness powers that players can wield, are getting an overhaul once the Lightfall expansion launches this month. Supers were split into two camps with the 30th Anniversary release back in December 2021, with one-off Supers generally having a quicker cooldown when compared to their roaming counterparts.

Bungie is still finalizing changes for how to tweak these abilities, and in a blog post, it detailed some of the changes on the horizon. The maximum number of Orbs of Power that roaming Supers can generate has been increased from five to seven, while one-off Supers will see their maximum number of Orbs of Power generated reduced from seven to five. Only Well of Radiance, Ward of Dawn, and both Shadowshot variants remain unchanged.

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The good news --if you're not playing as a Titan--is that some Supers are being modified to be more effective and less of a crutch in high-level PvP activity. Iron Banner fans who have had to deal with Ward of Dawn bubbles can breathe a sigh of relief, as the maximum health of that barrier will be reduced from 13,500 to 8,000. Damage dealt to the Ward by PvE combatants has been reduced to compensate, so in that area of Destiny 2, the gameplay remains relatively unchanged.

The damage dealt by each type of Kinetic and Energy weapon against the Ward itself has also been standardized, as all weapons will do 1.5x damage. Bungie plans to reduce the potency of Armor of Light in PvP, as the maximum health has been reduced from 425 to 300 and it no longer negates precision damage. The only buff here is that it now inherits Void Overshield's 50% PvE damage resistance.

Thundercrash, a Super that essentially yeets your Titan into an opponent with explosive Arc energy, will receive some tweaks as Bungie feels that it is proving too difficult to counter or escape in high-level Crucible modes. Flight time has been slightly reduced, descent beings earlier in flight, and the landing detonation size has been reduced by 20%. This is only for PvP, and in PvE, Thundercrash remains unchanged. Fists of Havoc is being buffed in PvE, so if you're a fan of the Titan's Hulk smash power, then you'll be able to inflict 20% more damage with this Super.

For Warlocks, their offensive Solar Super is getting a big buff. Daybreak is usually considered to be one of the worst Supers overall in Destiny 2, but after Lightfall, the energy cost for using this ability will be reduced from 10% to 6.5% per swing, and in PvE, damage will be increased by 25%. Interestingly, the Phoenix Dive ability is getting tweaked to be more useful as well. Its base cooldown is being reduced from 82 seconds to 55 seconds, and while certain effects are active, it's Restoration buff, cooldown rates, and maximum damage will be greatly improved.

In addition to this, Bungie plans to introduce a new Fragments to the Light subclasses while updating a handful of Fragments on Solar and Void to tie into the new subclass pickups: Void Breaches and Firesprites. Similar to how the Arc subclass uses Ionic Traces to buff abilities and decrease cooldown times, Void Breaches and Firesrpites serve a similar role.


Spark of Instinct

  • When critically wounded, taking damage from nearby enemies emits a burst of damaging Arc energy that Jolts targets.

Spark of Haste

  • You have greatly increased resilience, recovery, and mobility while sprinting.



  • Firesprites are created by a suite of new and existing Solar Fragments, and grant grenade energy on pickup.

Ember of Mercy

  • When you revive an ally, you and other nearby allies gain Restoration. Picking up a Firesprite grants Restoration.

Ember of Resolve

  • Solar grenade final blows Cure you.

Ember of Tempering

  • Now creates a Firesprite on Solar weapon kills while active, in addition to its original effects.

Ember of Combustion

  • Now creates a Firesprite on Solar Super defeats, in addition to its original effects.

Ember of Searing

  • Now creates a Firesprite when defeating Scorched targets, in addition to its original effects.


Void Breach

  • Void Breaches are created by a selection of new and existing Void Fragments, and grant class ability energy on pickup.

Echo of Cessation

  • Finisher final blows create a burst of Void damage that causes nearby enemies to become Volatile. Defeating Volatile targets creates a Void Breach.

Echo of Vigilance

  • Defeating a target when your shields are depleted grants you a temporary Void Overshield.

Echo of Domineering

  • Now creates a Void Breach when defeating Suppressed targets, in addition to its original effects.

Echo of Harvest

  • Now creates a Void Breach when defeating Weakened targets with precision damage, in addition to its original effects.

Echo of Starvation

  • Now grants Devour on picking up a Void Breach, in addition to its original effects.

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