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Destiny 2 Guided Games Is Changing With Curse Of Osiris DLC Release

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Running into some bumps with Destiny 2's Guided Games? Bungie's noticed too. This week's update post delves a little deeper into the Guided Games experience and what the team has planned for it.

Guided Games is a Destiny 2 feature that pairs solo players with high-level players for endgame activities like Nightfalls and the Raids. Even with its good intentions, Bungie has noticed that the new feature isn't quite what it's meant to be just yet, and updates to the mode are coming.

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"Well, one thing we're really happy to see is that Guided Games has enabled a bunch of new players to play the Nightfall and/or Raid for the first time (since Destiny 1)," social designer M.E. Chung said in the update post. "Our goal with Guided Games for end-game content is about helping players find tight-knit communities to join, but we see and are very aware of the current issues. For example, we know that the lack of reconnections causes all kinds of problems with unintentional oathbreakers, that the lack of audio feedback when a clan is found is causing players to miss the queue, that guides lack proper incentives, that we need a guided games option for Trials of the Nine, etc."

Both social designers M.E. Chung and Steve Dolan acknowledged that Guided Games isn't quite up to par because of these issues. Small changes to alleviate the issues are coming with the release of Curse of Osiris on December 5. These changes include audio cues when you find a guide, full clan guides, reminders that when you reject a clan you're still at the front of the queue, and new Nightfall and Raid content with the expansion.

The two also mention the need for updates to chat in-game and checkpoints. Clan chat in-game is one of the team's highest priorities, as well as Tower and zone chats. As for checkpoints, those were excluded from the game to prevent farming, but the team has seen that not having them has been detrimental too. The possibility is being looked into, but bringing the feature could potentially make queues longer.

Guided Games are far beyond the only changes coming to the title come December. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will see HDR and adaptive 4K updates and the weekly reset time is being changed as well. But until these updates go live, play Destiny 2 with your friends next weekend and get double XP.

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