Destiny 2 Guide To Nightfall And Weekly Reset: The Arms Dealer Strike Challenges And Modifiers

Here's what's going on in Destiny 2 this week.


Another weekly reset has occurred in Destiny 2, bringing with it a new slate of activities for players to take part in. The Dawning has officially concluded, and the Eververse item lineup has rotated once again. The weekly Flashpoint has shifted to the EDZ and new Meditations are now available, as is the next Nightfall Strike. Here's what to expect from the new Nightfall, The Arms Dealer.

In terms of Challenges, there are no big surprises. Speed of Dark is active, as always, and calls for players to complete the Strike with at least five minutes left on the timer. Unbroken requires finishing the Strike with fewer than three total deaths. Finally, Trash the Thresher entails shooting down a Thresher (the flying Cabal ship) during the fight with Bracus Zahn.

On the Modifier side, Timewarp: Killing Time is active, which allows you to extend the Strike's time limit with each enemy you kill--up to a certain point. Prism is also in effect. With this, the game routinely rotates through the three elements, with the chosen element doing more damage than usual, and the other two doing less. You'll want to match your weapon to the current element to maximize your damage or opt for a kinetic weapon if you don't have that element available.

As is usually the case, successfully finishing the Nightfall rewards you with Powerful Gear. The Nightfall is one of the only ways to obtain that level of gear, which is a reliable way to boost your Power level. This Nightfall will be available until the next weekly reset, which occurs at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM GMT on Tuesday, January 16 (4 AM AET on January 17).

Last week's Nightfall had to be replaced due to a bug affecting rewards; that hopefully won't be the case again this week. We're expecting to hear what's next for Destiny 2 soon, and the first Season 2 occurrences of Iron Banner and Faction Rally should also arrive in the near future.

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There is a problem when a big game is launched outside the biggest community, PC. The first game only on consoles made it feels oriented to casuals whom want to play with a controller... PC users (mainly the most desired target in online games), are usual to games designed with big possibilities, and this game had a lot, a lot, of marketing, so everyone knows this franchise as "console marketing".

That is a big, big, problem for a game that wants to success in the mega-crouded online market with very, very, good "games of the decade" out there like WoW, Guild Wars, PUBG, CSGO, LoL, DotA, Path of Exile, Starcraft, Eve... there are a lot of superb games for each taste, a game with the tremendous budget of Destiny should compite with the kings of their genre to be profitable, that is a problem.

Look at Diablo 3, even when it was released on PC without any warning that years later will be on consoles, people left the game because it's casual orientation regard Diablo 2 (me included), going to Path of Exile, more simmilar to Diablo 2. Then, years later we noticed the console launch and all the pieces were there, it was designed casual from scratch. In PC we notice when a game is designed to stay forever regard those games that are pure marketing.

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