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Destiny 2 Guide: How To Unlock Subclasses For Warlocks, Hunters, And Titans

Classes are in session.

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Sentinel, Dawnbringer, Arcstrider. If you've been following Destiny 2, you'll likely know a lot about these new classes. But what about that Hunter Gunslinger, Warlock Voidwalker, or that Titan Sunbreaker? Well, you can get access to these classes eventually, but you won't be doing so as part of the main campaign.

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Each primary class has two additional subclasses in Destiny 2. These are:

  • Titan Striker - An Arc-based class focused on big area-of-effect damage
  • Titan Sunbreaker - A Solar-based class focused on burn damage over time.
  • Hunter Nightstalker - A Void-based class whose skills help immobilise enemies
  • Hunter Gunslinger - A Solar-based class that deals huge single-target damage.
  • Warlock Voidwalker - A class focussed on big balls of exploding Void Damage
  • Warlock Stormcaller - Basically Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Lightning hands.

In Destiny 2, subclasses are unlocked by finding Relics in loot chests as you explore the planets, which will begin a short questline. This could be a regional loot chest, one you get from completing a public event, or one you find at the end of a Lost Sector. For example, to unlock the Titan Striker subclass you'll first need to find the Battered Gauntlet Relic.

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For the moment, as far as we can tell, the discovery of these relics is completely random. Some of us found relics for two additional subclasses before even hitting Level 15, and some didn't get their third subclass until after the campaign.

Once you have an artefact, you'll be asked to to charge it by defeating enemies and participating in Public Events. This means if you go about your business, you'll achieve this eventually, but if you want to fast-track your progress, you can easily find out when Public Events are happening by checking your map while exploring. Once you've charged the artefact, you'll get a notification that your "lost strength is returning to you". How exciting!

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You'll now be given a mission in the European Dead Zone to visit the Shard of the Traveller and further restore your Light. This mission will usually involve some light lore and a large arena firefight. Finish that off and you'll have your brand new, familiar subclass to start spending upgrade points on.

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One thing to note is that you won't need to spend Upgrade points to unlock all the different jumps, grenades, and class abilities, just the passive buffs. Now all you need to do is keep searching loot chests for that second relic…

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