Destiny 2 Grand Overture Catalyst Guide: How To Get The Exotic Power-Up

The Witch Queen expansion's new Exotic heavy machine gun is great, but its Exotic Catalyst will turn you into a One-Guardian army.


One of the latest Exotic weapons in Destiny 2's new Witch Queen expansion is the Grand Overture. A heavy machine gun that launches devastating slugs at enemies, Grand Overture's signature perk Omega Strike packs an explosive punch as an alternative attack. For every slug that finds its mark, the weapon will load a missile and once several have been accumulated, you can unleash all of them in a single volley aimed at an unfortunate soul.

That makes for a fantastic Exotic weapon to have equipped in your Heavy slot, one which can easily clear rooms when you strategically use it against mobs of enemies and high-ranking foes. Grand Overture is good…but it can be better.

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Grand Overture
Grand Overture

Once you have the Catalyst installed, Grand Overture's stability and handling stats increase by 20 points, while missile explosions blind any enemies caught within their destructive range. As an added bonus, any enemy defeated by a missile will also explode, because you can never have too many explosions.

How to get Grand Overture

Banshee-44 has something special for you.
Banshee-44 has something special for you.

You'll need to own the Season pass, Season of the Risen, to get your hands on this Exotic weapon. Unlike previous years, Bungie isn't offering this Exotic in the free tier of the season pass, but for those of you who have purchased the premium version, it'll be unlockable from level 1 on that rewards chain.

Heavy Does It: Part 1

The first part is a walk in the Cabal park.
The first part is a walk in the Cabal park.

Nothing too complicated here, as you'll need to complete the following objectives after you pick the quest up from Banshee-44 in the Tower:

  • Defeat 50 Cabal
  • Defeat 50 targets with Power weapons
  • Rapidly defeat 15 targets

There's no shortage of Cabal in Destiny 2, as you can find more than 50 of them in the opening mission for The Witch Queen alone, while the EDZ and Nessus maps are also crawling with them. Simply hit a Lost Sector a few times, and you'll easily get those requirements finished. For the power weapons and rapid defeat completion parameters, you can easily knock out enemies with a Heavy machine gun or rocket launcher, but the choice is yours.

Heavy Does It: Part 2

Get ready to grind.
Get ready to grind.

And here comes the grind! You'll need to take part in a few activities, as Grand Overture requires "calibration" by engaging in Nightfall, Crucible, or Gambit matches.

  • Calibrate Catalyst
  • Defeat targets with Grand Overture

This will be torturously slow depending on your skill and power level. For example, the lowest difficulty tier of Nightfall is way above the starting threshold of players and a single round of PvP in the Crucible rewards you with a single point. If you win, that's two points added to your Grand Overture scorecard, so be prepared to play between 100-200 matches if you focus solely on this activity. Gambit and Nightfall provide their own unique set of points, and for the second part of the quest you'll need to take out around 100 regular enemies if you don't feel like testing your Grand Overture aim against fellow Guardians.

The quickest way to get through the grind is to level up on your season pass, as levels 11 and 22 unlock a Catalyst quest booster to speed up the process. Hit those bounties, missions, and other activities to speed up your season pass unlock for this part of the quest.

Heavy Does It: Part 3

Grand Overture Red Allegiant weapon ornament
Grand Overture Red Allegiant weapon ornament

With the grind complete, you're almost done! Return to Banshee-44 in the Tower, and he'll hand the Catalyst over. From this point, all you need to do to unlock the weapon is work your way through around 400 enemies, and your upgraded Grand Overture will be a deadly arsenal that you can wield in combat.

Remember to reach level 100 on your season pass as well, so that you can change Grand Overture's look with the Red Allegiant weapon ornament.

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