Destiny 2: GameStop Is Selling Silver And A Cayde-6 Slowglobe

GameStop is another place to buy Destiny 2's Silver.


Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is finally here. Bungie's long-awaited shooter is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC edition to come in October. Now that the game is out, we know more about its microtransaction currency, Silver, which is sold in allotments of 500, 1,100, 2,300, and 5,800. You can buy the currency digitally through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, but another option is a digital purchase through GameStop's website.

GameStop is offering the same allotments of Silver for the same prices for PS4 and Xbox One. You get them through the allotments listed below.

Some of GameStop's other Destiny 2 wares include a $20 snowglobe featuring the ramen-loving memorable character Cayde-6. There is also a $12 Cayde-6 Pop figure. People who pre-ordered Destiny 2 at GameStop received a limited-edition Cayde-6 figurine. The outgoing, brave, and silly character is voiced by Nathan Fillion.

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