Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC Release Date, New Mode, Trailer, And More Details

Forsaken is coming.

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Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion will launch on September 4, developer Bungie announced today during a livestream event. The expansion, which follows the Warmind add-on in May, is a big one. As outlined in a mini-documentary that you can see in the embed above, Forsaken adds a lot to Destiny 2.

As rumoured, Forsaken takes players back to the Reef as part of a story that Bungie is keeping quiet about for now. What Bungie did say is that Forsaken's story has a western revenge theme, and that it begins with a prison break with Cayde-6. More details on the story are coming at E3 next week.

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Forsaken also makes a number of changes to weapons, starting with the fact that the Kinetic slot can now have shotguns. There is also a new mod system coming, along with an updated Masterwork system that lets you level up your guns over time. There is also a brand-new weapon coming to Destiny 2 in the form of a bow and arrow.

What's more, Forsaken adds new Super abilities, one of which is called Fire Knives and it allows you to do exactly what that sounds like. Another is a giant hammer that you can slam down to turn into a fire tornado. Additionally, the Void Warlock can now teleport and then explode.

The new, much-hyped multiplayer mode coming in Destiny 2 Forsaken is called Gambit. It's a competitive PvE mode where you fight against AI enemies. They drop motes that you then load into a chamber that sends a blocker over onto the other team's area. At a certain point one players can actually invade the other side's area and do damage that way.

The new raid in Forsaken is called Dreaming City. It has more bosses than any previous Destiny raid, and it has a massive roam area like Dreadnaught with puzzles and secrets to explore. More activities will be added to the raid over time.

Finally, Forsaken is adding Collections, which is a way to track all of the items you can acquire as you play. You can look at sets, see how to go and get it. You can just see how many weapons there are. Also coming to Destiny 2 are Triumphs, which track your achievements and accomplishments, as well as new Exotics.

Forsaken costs $40 by itself, while you can also get it with the new Annual Pass for $70. For more on Destiny 2: Forsaken, check out GameSpot's recent stories below.

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Wait 3 months after release, and they will give the game free at any store, after you buy a kilo of tomatoes...


Avatar image for RELeon

I might be a little more excited if the first 2 expansions didn't come up so short. I bought the season pass for Year 1, thinking it would be worth it, but all it got me in the end was 2 very small "expansions." My only hope is this brings a lot of content and interesting story like The Taken King did for D1.

If the original D2 Digital Deluxe was $90-100, and it was the Vanilla D2 + 2 small expansions, I would hope $80 for Year 2 digital deluxe would almost double the size of the game, seeing as how it is almost the same pricetag. Otherwise that seems ridiculously overpriced.

Avatar image for ccgod

Think this was done by the other dev studio they have helping them make content which is also owned by activision but isn't bungie( which is why it looks good) But I only have the original game so I'd probably have to purchase the other dlc as well as this in order to be able to play it.

Avatar image for ministersin420

I know i'm going to get crucified for saying this but I am liking the Warmind expansion. The game has always had some of the best shooting mechanics found in any game hands down. We have become very spoiled as gamers I think, then again I have a good job and the cost for new and improved content doesn't bother me.

<open flood gates for angry rebuke>

Avatar image for tman08

@CallMeDuraSouka: Anyone even CONSIDERING giving them money after all the shady things they've done to the fans needs their head examined....

Avatar image for Mogan

@CallMeDuraSouka: $70 is the expansion and the Annual Pass that covers all the content for the next year (which I am assuming is in lieu of the traditional $20 expansions). Forsaken by itself is $40, the Annual Pass is $30. I'm guessing you can just hold off on the Annual Pass until the three content drops it includes start dropping and just get Forsaken for the same price as The Taken King was.

So, no, I don't think they're kidding.

Avatar image for Mogan

@CallMeDuraSouka: They're asking for the same money they did for The Taken King, and I didn't get the impression people thought that was overpriced.

And you don't need to put any faith in Bungie. Just wait until Forsaken is out and you can read reviews and watch quick looks. Same as any other game.

Avatar image for Mogan

@CallMeDuraSouka: I just remember TTK setting PSN download records, not people complaining that it cost too much. If Forsaken adds as much content as TTK (and it might be more, seeing as it's got two new locations, instead of one) then $40 sounds fine. I'll always take cheaper, but this is the price everybody should have already expected based on the success of the last $40 Destiny expansion.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

@Mogan: D1 wasn't in nearly the trouble D2 is in. It was a new ip and allowed to make a mistake or 2, but in the short life of a sequel that should have never been, they have managed to devolve and drive away the true fans of the franchise to cater to a more slower, easy experience. Problem with that is, when you remove content that made the game popular in the first place, and decide to make the content you do have easily obtainable with very little effort, you stab yourself twice, because 1 of the BIGGEST problems Bungie/Destiny ALWAYS have had is the ability to push out QUALITYYYYY content or enough content at the very least <----- THAT + easily obtainable items = Whats the point?! Seriously, regardless of the next piles of shit that they light on fire in front of you and try charging you $20/30/40? f to put out... What do you get? A story expansion that will be finished in 2 hours or less and some recycled exotics, oh yeah a bunch of items that EVERYONE else will have soon enough... FUN. The grind was real in D1, D2 is just a joke, a joke they are still trying to take advantage of. I can think of A LOT better things to buy with $40 bucks, none of them are failing franchises either.

Avatar image for Mogan

@j3diknightdave: You should probably watch the stream; it sounds like you're operating on some outdated info.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

@Mogan: whats outdated?

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@j3diknightdave: I'd give up, Morgan is a stalwart Destiny apologist. The fact that he's comparing an unknown quantity to a previous game's expansion says it all. Even if he is right BungieVision is charging way too much for this and I'm betting that it will be recycled content for the most.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

Don't continue getting screwed by Bungie if this and all other updates and expansions cost money going forward they don't deserve success. They should be fixing core problems, NOT selling you more excuses. (THIS GOES DOUBLE TO THE PEEPS THAT PAID IN ADVANCE FOR THE SHITTY FIRST AND SECOND EXPANSIONS) I believe Bungie owns those people even more. I say this everytime, as a veteran of D1 with thousands of hours invested... BRING BACK RANDOM ROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for Mogan

@j3diknightdave: They're literally bringing back random rolls, dingus.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

@Mogan: i guess we will see if they are exactly the way they were in D1 or just another rehash like "Masterworks" ... dingus lol

Avatar image for Mogan

As usual, everything they showed/talked about sounds real good. Bungie is good at the tease and making excited to learn more, but I need all those details they promised over the next few months before I'm sold.

Avatar image for pongman75

@Mogan: I think it sounds cool too. But then again... Heck, I should start fresh on pc if I decide to get back in. I'll wait until the verdict is delivered on this one.

Avatar image for Mogan

@pongman75: Man, I've tried to start fresh on the PC, because it's such a good port, but the no cross-save part really kills it for me.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

I rolled my eyes as soon as the hyped destiny employee started talking at the start of the trailer... They always do this over hyped commentary and people fall for it then buy it to only be disappointed a week after launch.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b2072723fac3

Yeah...still not enough to coax me back into playing this garbage. Let it die Bungie...let it die...

Avatar image for inebriantia

@kstaggs3: I love Destiny universe, so I don't want it to die I just want back to year 3 standards.