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Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Trailer Showcases Halloween Event Tweaks And Rewards

You can get new perks on Horror Story and BrayTech Werewolf during Destiny's annual Halloween event.


Get ready to head back into the Haunted Forest for Destiny 2's Halloween-themed event, the Festival of the Lost. The last holiday event before the launch of the Beyond Light expansion is seeing new cosmetics for players to snag and new versions of past Halloween-themed guns to earn.

Bungie put out a new trailer for the event, which is free to all players and doesn't require buying into the Season of Arrivals season pass, to show off what you can expect. The primary thrust is a bunch of new spooky armor looks, emotes, sparrows, and ghost shells to get you into the Halloween spirit. You can check out the trailer below.

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For the most part, it sounds like this year's Festival of the Lost will be pretty similar to what we've seen in the past, with a few tweaks. The event usually has you doing some light trick-or-treating with various Destiny 2 characters while wearing papercraft Halloween masks. It also sends you into a version of Mercury's Infinite Forest called the Haunted Forest, where your goal is to kill enemies as fast as you can to unlock more and more of the forest. The farther you get, the more bosses you'll face, and the more rewards you can earn. Along the way, you'll be hunted by an invincible, horror movie villain-like monster: a giant Hive knight.

Eventually, your run will come to an end, and you'll have the opportunity to open a chest to get various rewards. This year, you'll have chances at additional rewards beyond just the chest you get at the end of the Haunted Forest, however. Each run into the Halloween activity also includes optional chests you can find along the way, but to open each chest, you'll need an item called a Cipher Decoder. You can earn those from random world drops and completing activities outside of the Haunted Forest, and you can open as many as five of those optional caches in a single Haunted Forest run.

Those extra chests sound like they're the real reason you'll want to delve into the Haunted Forest, because they'll offer you chances at two past Festival of the Lost weapon rewards: Horror Story and BrayTech Werewolf. Both are auto rifles you previously had to complete lengthy Festival quests to unlock; this year, they'll drop from the Haunted Forest with random perk rolls, allowing you to potentially find yourself some new, more powerful versions of the guns. The optional chests can also contain Legendary gear, masks, and Festival of the Lost shaders. Read more about the ins and outs of the Festival of the Lost on Bungie's help page for the event.

The Festival of the Lost activities are available to all players, so long as you've completed the New Light Cosmodrome missions and are above a Power level of 770. The event starts with the weekly reset on Tuesday, October 6 and runs until November 3, just a week before the release of Beyond Light.

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