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Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost 2022: Dates, Rewards, And What's New This Year

Celebrate the spooky season in style, with the return of Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost.


It's the season for chills, scares, and some epic loot, as Destiny 2's annual Festival of the Lost event begins today. Like previous years, the Halloween-themed celebration will be available for free to all Destiny 2 players and will run from October 18 after the weekly reset and will be active until November 8.

Like the 2022 Solstice event, this spooky event will feature its very own Event Card that is full of challenges to complete in exchange for some great rewards. You'll be able to earn Triumphs in Festival of the Lost, and if you manage to earn enough of them, that'll put you halfway towards earning the Reveler title. For more details, you can check out our Festival of the Lost guide on how to earn Candy, Spectral Pages, and what's in the Event Card.

New EDZ Haunted Sector

These Festival of the Lost masks will earn you plenty of candy from vanquished foes.
These Festival of the Lost masks will earn you plenty of candy from vanquished foes.

Like last year's event, you'll need to visit Haunted Lost Sectors to deal with the paranormal activity within them. The spookiness has spread to a new location in the EDZ, and as long as you have Festival mask equipped, you'll be able to earn candy from these spooky monsters and trade that delicious currency for prizes from Eva in the Tower. As part of the celebrations this year, there'll be some new masks to collect that includes a paper-mache replica of Savathun and even a cardboard cutout of Eiksni vendor Spider.

Weapon And Armor Rewards

Go ahead, mech our day.
Go ahead, mech our day.

Last year, Guardians could grab the Jurassic Green pulse rifle, dinosaur-themed armor sets, a Dia de los Muertos-inspired Ghost shell, and a very creepy Sparrow for their collection. For this year's Festival of the Lost, the armor on offer is anime mech-themed and will essentially turn you into a Gundam guardian. (It's also worth pointing out that the mech armor can be bought without spending Silver.) One of the new weapons up for grabs is the Mechabre sniper rifle, which has a cool, Gundam-esque sound effect when first.

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