Destiny 2 Faction Rally Canceled As Bungie Reverses Course On Locking Content To DLC Owners

Season 2's first Faction Rally will have to wait.


Today was set to be a big day for Destiny 2, as it would not only receive a major new update, but it would also mark the debut of the first Faction Rally event of Season 2. While a big patch is still on the way, the Faction Rally has been postponed as Bungie makes changes to what is available to players who don't purchase DLC.

Curse of Osiris's release last week revealed how Bungie would approach gating certain existing content. In short, some activities that were accessible previously now required purchasing the DLC. Some of that changes with today's update, and Bungie has said that all limited-time events, including The Dawning, Iron Banner, and Faction Rally, will also be available to everyone.

That adjustment, however, necessitated a delay for the Faction Rally that was scheduled to run this week. Bungie said this was "to ensure all of our players can access the activity and the appropriate rewards." Rewards that were offered through Faction Rally (and Iron Banner) events during Season 1 will continue to be available to everyone. However, there will be new seasonal rewards, including armor ornaments, that only Curse of Osiris owners can acquire.

Bungie did not share a date for when the next Faction Rally will take place. Given that these have always run from one weekly reset to the next (meaning from one Tuesday until the following Tuesday), it seems unlikely that we'll see it before next Tuesday, December 19. With The Dawning event presumably coming soon to coincide with the holidays, though, it's possible the wait for the first Faction Rally of Season 2 may be even further off.

The aforementioned update introduces Masterwork weapons and makes changes to a number of other systems. Destiny 2 servers are down for maintenance ahead of its release; we'll report back when the game is back online.

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