Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Exploit Lets You Earn Tokens Very Quickly

Bungie's recent update has inadvertently opened a new path to easy Tokens.

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2's latest weekly reset has introduced the second-ever Faction Rally event. The first instance saw an exploit that could be utilized to rapidly acquire Faction Tokens, which are redeemed for engram packages that include Faction Rally armor, weapons, and rewards. A new exploit has now been discovered that even more rapidly allows you to acquire Tokens. [Update: This exploit has still not been patched, but this instance of Faction Rallies is set to end soon with the weekly reset on Tuesday, November 14.]

The recent Destiny 2 1.0.6 update made changes to how Faction Tokens are obtained. One major adjustment was the removal of Tokens that were handed out for destroying "enemy resources" located in Lost Sectors. In their place, Fireteams now earn three Tokens by opening up the chest at the end of a Lost Sector. This was meant to prevent farming and to address complaints about how enemy resources only provided Tokens to one player. But it appears this isn't working quite as intended.

As we demonstrate in the video above, following a specific process allows you to rapidly farm Tokens. You first head to the EDZ's Winding Cove area, and then go to the Lost Sector located just north of where you spawn in. Killing the boss inside unlocks the chest and allows you claim your reward. Open that and you can use a nearby exit to head back outside, but once you've gone far enough to trigger the "Winding Cove" pop-up text, just turn back around and you can re-open the chest without having to kill the boss again. This can be repeated endlessly for an essentially unlimited supply of Tokens.

It's unclear if Bungie plans to patch this exploit, but it's still active as of this writing. One thing to bear in mind is that only the first 30 engrams you receive from a faction (per character) has a chance to offer item rewards. Beyond that point, you'll only receive shaders. Still, considering that the three factions are competing to earn the most rewards--which results in that faction's unique weapon being sold during Victory Week--players may be frustrated if the results are swung by players making use of the exploit.

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