Destiny 2 Exotic Gun Jade Rabbit Has Been Disabled

That wascally Jade Wabbit is up to something.


One of Destiny 2's legacy Exotics has been disabled, as Bungie says that it has identified an issue with the weapon and is currently working on fixing it. There's no clue as to what the actual issue is, but the problem likely lies in Jade Rabbit's new Exotic perks that were introduced last week as part of a major weapons shakeup in Destiny 2.

A scout rifle that occupies the Kinetic class in a player's loadout, Jade Rabbit's new ability focuses on precision and consistency. Quickly landing three critical hits returns one round to the magazine and allows the next body shot to do increased damage, and players are allowed to stack up to three of these enhanced body shot bullets. This perk does reset if you reload, but in PvP, Jade Rabbit has some fascinating utility with the right build.

Exotics going offline are a fairly common occurrence in Destiny 2. Season of Plunder's new Titan Exotic, Point-Contact Cannon Brace, was unavailable for several days after the new season launched. There's also the Exotic fusion rifle Telesto, which has a long history of breaking the Destiny 2 sandbox and going on a power trip that Bungie's social media managers can't contain.

Season of the Seraph has gotten off to a relatively smooth start, although there will likely be some patching to do over the next few weeks that is par for the course in Destiny 2. If you're looking to get started with the seasonal activities, you can read up on how to complete the Spire of the Watcher dungeon, how to open Resonance Amp chests, and how to get Seraph Key codes.

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