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How To Get Wicked Implement In Destiny 2's New Secret Exotic Quest

You won't see any overt mention of the quest in-game, but here's how to get a new Exotic weapon.


Some of Destiny 2's Exotic quests are clearly telegraphed and presented in a way that makes them hard to miss. Others are far more secretive and hidden, including one that appears to have been added just recently but is seemingly not yet available in full. A recently added Exotic quest involves catching an Exotic fish, items called Broken Blades, and those mysterious Deep Dive statues. After a few-week wait, the quest is now available in full--and it remains quite secretive, requiring you to complete hidden steps to unlock a timed mission to unlock an Exotic Stasis scout rifle called Wicked Implement.

Below, we run through how to get it, but one important note: Not everyone in your fireteam needs to go through all of these steps. As long as someone in your group is able to activate each of the three Broken Blade statues, everyone will get the Exotic at the end of the mission.

How to start: catch an Exotic fish

You won't see anything in your quest log about a new Exotic to acquire. Instead, you simply need to know that this quest exists and go about acquiring an Exotic fish. Make sure to grab the Fishing Rally quest from Hawthorne at the Tower, too, since you'll be doing a lot of fishing and can make progress on that simultaneously. This is a new quest that was introduced on June 20, coinciding with the first leg of this Exotic quest.

You can consult our Destiny 2 fishing guide for more details on how fishing works if you haven't done any yet, but you'll need to catch an Exotic fish from each of the three fishing pond locations: the Throne World, where you can get the Whispering Mothcarp; Nessus, home to the Vexing Palcoderm; and the EDZ, where you can get the Aeonian Alpha-Betta.

Unfortunately, catching an Exotic fish is a crapshoot: Some players have reportedly caught hundreds of fish without one, while others get one much sooner. I was able to catch each of the three within 10-15 minutes per fish, but your miles may very much vary. This is where the Focused Fishing buff can help, so be sure to stick with the same fishing pond for as long as possible (and hopefully with as many other people as possible) to build up the Focused Fishing meter to improve your odds of catching an Exotic.

Release the Exotic fish at the HELM

Once you have your Exotic fish in hand, head to the HELM and dunk them into the aquarium as per usual. Alongside the typical rewards for catching an Exotic fish--including a piece of Exotic gear--you'll also receive something called a Broken Blade. This, too, does not give you a quest, nor does it directly show up in your inventory, making it easy to miss if you don't see the pop-up when you first acquire it.

Hover over your Fishing Tackle to confirm you have all three Broken Blades.
Hover over your Fishing Tackle to confirm you have all three Broken Blades.

Instead, you can see that you have a Broken Blade by hovering over the Fishing Tackle in your inventory; it will say that a Broken Blade has been claimed from one or more of the destinations. You'll need all three to proceed with the next step.

Deposit the Broken Blade in a Deep Dive: A bladed offering, accepted

If you've been playing Deep Dives, you may have noticed some conspicuous-looking Hive statues that you haven't been able to do anything with. Now, with a Broken Blade in hand, you can deposit the item at one of these statues by approaching it and holding Use to offer the item up. This will prompt some dialogue from Xivu Arath, flames will appear on the statue, and you'll see the message, "A bladed offering, accepted..." appear in the bottom left. All three statues need to be activated in a single Deep Dive to proceed.

The first statue is located in the first underwater section, after you open the door. Drop down, and rather than proceeding as usual to the first cliff you can drop off of, head toward the right, where you'll proceed down a small hallway-like corridor. At the end is a drop, where you'll immediately be able to see the statue.

The second statue comes after successfully completing the first combat encounter. When that's done, head to the outside area, in the direction of where you'd select your next buff. Head toward the left and look for a newly opened door up on a second-floor platform. Just inside on the right is the next statue.

For the third statue, you'll again need to have successfully completed the first combat encounter. Grab your new buff and head through the door. Move through the underwater section until you drop down and disable the giant fan blade. Continue heading downward and proceed down the next drop, following the correct path to the next encounter. But just before dropping down again, turn left at the cliff's edge and make your way around the corner to deposit the final blade.

Carve a Path of Violence: Khull, Execution Knights

With the Broken Blade offered up to these statues, successfully complete the next combat encounter. But rather than proceeding past the next set of buffs, you should instead make your way into a newly opened door on the right side of the arena (based on where you enter the arena). Inside are three more statues you'll need to activate, each of which reads, "Carve a Path of Violence."

From here, you'll go through an underwater area and then fight some enemies while the objective "Sink...deeper...drown" is displayed on-screen. You'll eventually reach Khull, Executioner Knight, a boss who only takes a very minimal amount of damage from you. It's here that the upcoming final boss fight is taught to you: Only by killing certain enemies and receiving the Deathly Sharp buff will you be able to deal a reasonable amount of damage against Khull. Take his health bar down to the first indent and he'll disappear, and you'll move on before eventually coming upon Khull again. In this room and the next, there are pyramid-shaped nodes you'll need to shoot to lower the yellow barriers to proceed. Kill the Honed Minotaurs to gain stacks of Deathly Sharp before killing Khull, being mindful of the other enemies around who may kill you. It's during this fight that your timer for the remainder of the mission begins, so you'll have somewhere in the 8-10 minute range to complete everything.

Timed mission: Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace

Proceed forward to a rally flag point before entering a large, maze-like arena where you'll face off against a very tough Tormentor boss who follows the same rules as Khull. You'll need to kill Honed Minotaurs (who will occasionally be marked for you) around the perimeter of the arena before heading into the center area to make use of the Deathly Sharp buff. Note that accessing the areas containing the Honed Minotaurs involves sliding through a small opening of walls at ground level; Omen won't follow you directly through these gaps.

What's key here is the clock: You not only have a timer to kill Omen, but once you obtain three stacks of Deathly Sharp, a timer begins on the buff, giving you only just over a minute to get back to the middle of the arena to fight Omen.

Omen functions like any other Tormentor, but there will be other enemies around and Omen is tough. You'll need to focus on its weak points, beginning with the chest, and ensure you deal as much damage as possible before the buff wears off. When it does, you'll go back to dealing almost no damage to Omen, and the message, "Your violence wanes. Your foes smell it..." will appear in the bottom left. At this point, you need to again gather the Deathly Sharp buff by going around and killing Honed Minotaurs. Repeat the process as many times as needed and kill Omen before the timer runs out to complete the mission. If you have Divinity, pairing that with two players using linear fusion rifles is a strong strategy. Titan Bubbles and Warlock Wells/Rifts can also help to ensure you stay alive.

Once Omen is dead, head to the waypoint to interact with a Darkness statue and receive your reward. As noted above, you'll get this even if you didn't go through the process of catching Exotic fish and obtaining Broken Blades.

Reward: Wicked Implement

Wicked Implement, the new Destiny 2 Exotic scout rifle
Wicked Implement, the new Destiny 2 Exotic scout rifle

Wicket Implement is an Exotic scout rifle that goes in the Kinetic slot. It's a Stasis weapon with the Creeping Attrition intrinsic trait, which causes it to slow targets as you land rapid precision hits on them. Additionally, while Creeping Attrition is active, the Tithing Harvest trait causes precision kills to create a Stasis shard that comes to you; these shards reload the magazine.

Wicked Implement catalyst

The Wicked Implement catalyst is available from Deep Dives, seemingly by completing them (although it does not appear to be a guaranteed drop). Also of note is that, after completing the mission, you'll have about 1,800 seconds to explore the area. There are pyramid nodes you can shoot hidden around the boss fight area. You can destroy all seven of these to complete the Words and Action Triumph. After destroying them, be sure to return to the statue where you get the Exotic to get some additional dialogue from Xivu Arath.

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