Destiny 2 Enemy Shields Are Getting A Visual Overhaul

Enemy shields will look much different in Season of the Deep.


Bungie has revealed that Destiny 2's enemy shields will be getting a visual overhaul when Season of the Deep launches.

The details were provided in the most recent This Week at Bungie post, where the developer shared a preview of Season 21. Alongside major changes and the full list of Artifact perks for the upcoming season, it was confirmed that enemy shields will receive an updated look.

"With the launch of Season of the Deep we're introducing a change to most combatant shields that will update their visuals across the entire game," Bungie said. "This update had the explicit goal of not affecting Destiny’s existing gameplay, so this will be a visual-only change."

Bungie went on to further explain why this change will be introduced, saying that the original shields have been implemented since 2017 and that the number of combatant shields has become more difficult to maintain as Destiny 2 expands the number of enemies in the game.

The developer added that the new shield system will be easier to maintain and improve upon and that it "took the opportunity to create visuals that are more accessible for colorblind players and players with other visual impairments."

"As such, we’ve minimized visual information that is not relevant to gameplay in favor of bringing to the foreground more combat-relevant details," Bungie explained. "...Right now, the color of combatant shields are the only way a player can tell what the optimal element counter is. In the new system launching with Season of the Deep, we’ve included more visual artifacts with each shield type that indicates to players which elemental weapon types are best to use."

However, it was noted that Immunity shields and shields for specific bosses won't receive the visual update "due to their slightly-more-complicated nature," so Bungie is avoiding broad changes that could unintentionally impact mechanics.

Here's everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Season 21: Season of the Deep, which is set for a May 23 release.

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