Destiny 2 DLC Details Possibly Leaked As New PC Version Datamined

A possible look into the future of Destiny 2.


In what might be the most inevitable news story of the week, the newly launched PC version of Destiny 2 has already been datamined. As a result, we've gotten some hints of what might be to come in future updates or DLC expansions for the game, though there's no guarantee any of it will ever happen. [Possible Destiny 2 DLC spoilers ahead.]

As uncovered by Reddit user TheEcumene, thousands of files have been uncovered that relate to things not yet in the live version of Destiny 2. This primarily consists of voicelines, which reference a wide variety of things. For instance, there is talk about the Patrol zones from the original Destiny, as well as Black Garden and Vault of Glass, which has players speculating about their possible return in Destiny 2. Phobos and Mercury are also discussed, with the former sounding like it could become a Patrol zone, according to TheEcumene. Remember that a previous report suggested Mercury would serve as the key new location in the game's first DLC, Curse of Osiris.

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Elsewhere in the files, new worlds Ganymede and the Myriad are mentioned, and Osiris will apparently be coming to the Tower (and Shiro will head to Mercury). Bungie has already suggested we'll see the return of some limited-time events from the original Destiny--The Dawning is coming up--and these files point to returns for others, such as Crimson Days, Festival of the Lost, and Sparrow Racing League. Players may also have the chance to head to the Reef again and take part in the Prison of Elders activity, with the names of Petra and Variks coming up.

You can check out everything for yourself in this Reddit post, provided you don't mind having future content potentially spoiled. Just be aware that none of this may actually end up in the game--plans change and are scrapped, so the existence of any of these files doesn't mean anything on its own.

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