Destiny 2 DLC Could Be As Important As The Main Game, Activision Says

Activision also says pre-orders for Destiny 2 are strong, especially the more expensive versions.


Destiny 2's expansions are going to be very important for the overall health and success of the shooter, according to publisher Activision. Speaking on an earnings call today, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg gave a high-level overview of how the publisher is thinking about Destiny 2 ahead of launch and the importance of its DLC.

Starting off, Hirshberg said there are "a lot of positive signs" about Destiny 2. Starting off, Activision believes in the game itself--Hirshberg said the publisher has a "tremendous amount of confidence" in it.

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"We received almost universally positive feedback from both the press and the fans alike," Hirshberg said, adding that the game's development cycle is "continuing to close strong."

One of the reasons why Activision is so optimistic about Destiny 2 is because it is taking steps to broaden the franchise's appeal, Hirshberg said, with things like bringing it to PC, localising it for more countries, and partnering with Blizzard to launch the PC edition through the World of Warcraft company's massively popular service.

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He added that pre-orders for Destiny 2 have been "very strong" and added that an "overwhelmingly high percentage" of pre-orders have been for the premium versions that include the game and its expansion content.

Destiny 2 will be supported with multiple expansions after launch. While these have yet to be fully detailed, Hirshberg stressed that Destiny 2's expansion content is incredibly important.

"Finally, and maybe most importantly with a game like this, Destiny is so engaging that the follow-on content is almost as important if not as important as the main game," Hirshberg said.

Hirshberg has been open in admitting that Bungie did not release expansion content for Destiny 1 fast enough to meet demand. For the sequel, Activision brought in studios like Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios to work alongside Bungie.

In Hirshberg's words, he said Activision is "Widening [its] stable of developers to keep up with demand for more content."

Destiny 2 launches in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One before coming to PC in October. The PC beta, which restricts some game capture and voice chat apps, begins at the end of the month. You can check out the minimum and recommended specs for the beta here, and you can see what the beta includes here.

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