Destiny 2 Divinity Exotic Weapon Guide: How To Earn Shadowkeep's Raid Trace Rifle

Get Shadowkeep's Exotic trace rifle by starting with these steps, then heading into the Garden of Salvation raid.


The Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 has a different approach to divvying out one of its best guns, when compared to past seasons and expansions. In last year's Forsaken expansion and the three seasons of content that followed, Destiny 2's six-player raids also included hard-to-find Exotic weapons you could earn as a reward. Those Exotics were only awarded randomly, though, and the chances you'd get one was always pretty low. That's not the case in Shadowkeep's new raid. Instead of finding the new Exotic trace rifle, Divinity, by chance in the Garden of Salvation guide, you'll have to earn it by completing an elaborate quest that includes steps both inside and outside the raid.

To get Divinity, you'll need to gather a six-player team to complete the Garden of Salvation, but you'll also need to do some prep work first. Here's everything you need to know to get started on the quest for Divinity.

Steps Before The Raid

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Head To Lunar Battlegrounds

If you're already headed into the Garden of Salvation raid, you might get lucky and grab the Exotic quest along the way. If not, you'll want to get it ahead of entering the Black Garden, because it includes several steps that need to be completed to unlock a bunch more that happen inside the raid. The first step is getting the quest, and to do that, you'll need to go to the Lunar Battlegrounds area, which is the first locale you entered when you started Shadowkeep's story campaign.

To get to Lunar Battlegrounds, use the transmat zone at Sorrow's Harbor to spawn in. From there, ride your sparrow to the entrance to the northeast. Leave over the bridge and you'll enter Lunar Battlegrounds, where you first started your assault on the Scarlet Keep. Turn left as you enter the area and look for a big cave opening in the wall. Drive inside to find a giant Vex gate; this is the entrance to the Black Garden, and as you approach, Vex will spawn in to attack you. Fight through them until a giant Gate Lord spawns, then bring it down. The Gate Lord should drop the first part of the Exotic quest.

Visit Lost Sectors On Nessus

You'll need to find Vex constructs in order to decrypt the item you got from the Gate Lord. As the Exotic quest description notes, you won't find them on the moon. Instead, head to Nessus. You'll visit three different Lost Sectors for this step: the Orrey in Artifact's Edge, Ancient's Haunt in the Tangle, and Conflux in the Cistern. It should be noted that you won't have to clear out or complete these Lost Sectors to get what you need.

Start with the Orrey and head inside. This is a simple Lost Sector consisting mostly of a big room full of enemies. Before you get up to the section of the room with the boss, climb up on the left side of the room and look for a small hole in the wall. You'll slip into a hidden room where you'll find what looks like a Vex Oracle from the Whisper of the Worm mission. Activate it, kill the Vex that spawn to defend it, and then activate it again.

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In Ancient's Hollow, the hidden room is again on the left wall as you work through the Lost Sector, near the big section where the room curves away to the right. This is more of an alcove than a full room and you'll probably spot the Oracle from outside through the opening. Activate it for the same deal: some Vex will spawn that you can quickly dispatch.

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Finally in Conflux, head through the Lost Sector until you hit the Cabal enemies. Look up to the wall on the right and you should see another gap, relatively easy to spot from the ground. Hop up and slip inside for the third Oracle and your last piece of the puzzle.

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Complete The Vex Offensive

With the Lost Sectors complete, you'll face the next step of Divinity: killing a whole lot of Vex on the moon. You'll need about 150 item drops from Vex to complete this one, but there's a very easy way to get them. Do a run of the Vex Offensive activity and you'll be inundated with enemies to kill, and each one will give you one drop toward completing this step. Even better, kills from your six-player fireteam in the event also count. Vex Offensive will knock out this step very quickly--probably before you even leave the first room.

Use The Lectern Of Enchantment

The next quest step says the item you found from the Gate Lord now matches the energy signature of Nightmare Essences. Head to the Lectern of Enchantment at Eris Morn's Sanctuary on the moon, and you'll find that you can charge the item with Phantasmal Fragments that you get from defeating Nightmares. You need 30 to activate the next step in the quest. If you're short, you have two options: purchase Phantasmal Fragments from the Lectern for Helium Filaments, which you can find all over the moon; or kill some Nightmares. The quickest ways to find Nightmares are to go to Sorrow's Harbor and kill the ogres there, or to take part in Nightmare Hunts (you can also find Nightmares in some Lost Sectors, but that's a slower way to farm Fragments). When you've got enough Phantasmal Fragments, use the Lectern to complete the step. Now you're ready for the raid.

Steps Inside The Garden Of Salvation Raid

The last steps of the Divinity quest require you to find hidden rooms scattered throughout the Black Garden, and you'll have to complete all the raid encounters, and then beat Garden of Salvation, to claim the gun. That means you should probably bring along a team of players who have progressed the Divinity step outside the raid so you can all do it together. It's worth noting that by most accounts from people who've gotten Divinity, you must complete the puzzle in a single run of the raid. You can't quit between encounters then return with a checkpoint; you'll lose your progress.

In order to unlock Divinity, you'll need to find several hidden relays and use your teammates to complete circuits. This is the main mechanic of the raid: one person stands near a special cube, which sends out a beam of energy to that person. The beam can then connect to another person, creating a chain, to link the cube to a special plus sign-shaped lock. There are several hidden rooms throughout the Black Garden with these cubes and you'll need to link them to their respective locks as you move through the raid.

Step 1: At The Raid Start

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Your first step in this process takes place right at the beginning of the raid. Fight through the Vex and use the gate to warp from the moon to the Black Garden. When you arrive, you'll be standing on a platform with a path up some stairs forward. If you spin around, you'll find nothing: just the edge of a cliff and the abyss beyond.

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Step off the back of the platform where you spawn and face it, and you'll find a slight gap in the wall just below where you started. Jump inside and you'll find a small node, similar to the ones used for depositing motes later in the raid. Activate it and it should glow orange briefly and give you a notification message. If you did it right, platforms will appear back outside allowing you to jump out of this hidden room and back to the spawn.

Step 2: Before The First Encounter

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Your first puzzle is a simple one, located on the staircase just before you first encounter the Consecrated Mind as it's eating a minotaur. Look on the walls above the sides of the staircase for two holes you can drop through, one on each side. These two hidden rooms are vertically oriented, with platforms that allow you to climb up and down on the sides, and a hole in the middle that leads back out to the staircase. The two rooms are symmetrical, and you'll need three players in each one to complete this part of the puzzle.

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In the left room at the bottom, you'll find a glowing orange cube (and if you don't, it means you didn't activate the node at the beginning of the raid correctly). Shoot it and it activates the tether beam between players that you'll see throughout the raid. Your goal is to pass the beam between your teammates from one side of the staircase to the other, into the room on the right side. It's pretty easy; just orient one person on each platform in a zigzag platform in each room and you should pass the beam to the lock in the right room with no issues. When you get a notification that security has been bypassed, you'll know you were successful.

Step 3: After Chasing The Consecrated Mind

Complete the first encounter with the Consecrated Mind, in which you need to use tethers to unlock gates and pick up Voltaic Amplitude charges the boss drops. You'll wind up outside in a big open field covered in pink flowers. From the chest at the end of the encounter, turn back around the way you came so you're facing back toward the start of the area. Walk around the edge of the field on the right side (the part that's a giant round halfpipe). Look for a small tree with pink flowers about halfway between the end of the field and the beginning. When you find it, look for a small hole you can slip into that leads beneath the ground.

Move slowly through this area; you're in an interconnecting network of rooms that all surround a central cylindrical barrier. Your goal is to connect a tether through all of these rooms to deactivate the forcefield. Near the entrance you should find the lock that will receive your tether beam, but the start is at the far end. The thing is, most of the exits through these rooms are one-way, so save yourself some hassle and don't slide through any holes until you're sure you're ready to move forward.

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The trick to this one is leaving people at various spots as you work your way around the barrier. Look for round gaps that look like portholes on a ship--these are the spots you'll pass the tether through from one player to the next. If you leave someone in each room where you discover a porthole as your team works your way through this area, you should be pretty much set. To find the start, head all the way through the connecting rooms until you see a path outside. Keep moving forward along the path, which hugs the wall of the big platform with the field on it, until you see the big, gnarled roots of a tree--a lot like what you've seen on Nessus. Climb the roots to find the last room, where you'll find the cube to activate the tether. With everyone in place already, you should easily be able to pass the beam through the holes and gaps between each of the rooms to make the chain to the lock and drop the forcefield.

Step 4: In The Undergrowth

As you move forward toward the next encounter, you'll descend underground again, into an area called the Undergrowth. Here you have to cross mushrooms and giant tree roots in a lengthy jumping puzzle. Your next Divinity lock is also in here. Instead of advancing on the path forward, follow the wall from the start that goes to the right, toward big hanging tree roots. Jump across to one and look around the side furthest from you for a cube, a little below your feet.

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This puzzle sets the stage for several more ahead of you, and it's different from what you've done so far. You still need to tether each of your teammates with the cube's beam to create a circuit, but instead of a straight line, you need to make a circle. To do that, bring all six of your teammates near the cube so that the first person tethered can connect to the last person tethered. That'll make you a complete circuit between your teammates, which will stay with you until someone moves too far away or the beam is interrupted by an object. The trick here, then, is to make sure you position everyone correctly so nothing interrupts the beam once you've made your circle.

When you activate the cube, you'll see several diamond-shaped orange nodes appear in the air nearby. Instead of connecting to a lock, you need to make your circle intersect each of these diamonds, either by standing on them or by passing a beam through them. This one's not too tough to figure out; you'll need to position people so that they can hit all of the diamonds without breaking them, which includes having two people down on the nearby mushroom platforms. Just be careful not to break the tether on the big flower pod in the center of the area.

Step 5: After Defeating The Consecrated Mind

You won't have to do puzzles again until after the third encounter, in which you fight and defeat the boss Harpy, the Consecrated Mind, once and for all. When you've done that, don't leave the area. Look at the hallway with no floor, to the left of the rotating hallway. Just over the ledge, you'll find another orange cube. Activating it will make six more diamond-shaped nodes appear, so like last time, you're going to need to make a tether circle to activate them all.

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This one's a bit tricky and finicky compared to the other puzzles. The nodes are positioned around a piece of Vex architecture, which means you need to get people over the top of it in order to get the tether circle around it without it breaking. My team had a hard time here because it's easy to snap the tether on the corners of the platforms without realizing you're too close. Be careful and make sure your team gives ample room for the tethers to clear edges. To get the circle over the platform, you need one person to climb up on the tall spire portion, while their neighbor stands on the lower portion beside it. Eventually, you'll need the person on the spire to jump backward in coordination with the person on the lower platform in order to get the beam to the other side. The trouble is, getting someone up that high is liable to snap the tether, so make sure the people immediately to the right and left of the person on the spire also jump so they can stay close.

It takes a bit of timing, but you should be able to get the beam surrounding the platform. Again, be careful here not to touch the beam to any corners as you tweak your positions to light up the four nodes on the ground. The last two are in the air, and thus tougher to activate. My team used two Titans here, so they could use Lift to hover a bit. You need to have all six nodes activated for a couple seconds in order to complete the puzzle, but the toughest part is getting everyone in position without breaking it.

Step 6: Same Place, Another Loop

You actually have a second puzzle to complete in this same place, which you might have noticed while working on the first. There's a second set of diamond nodes positioned on the far end of the rotating hallway. You'll need to make another circle to activate those ones, but don't trouble yourself trying to get everyone to jump across the rotating platforms--you'll just get frustrated. Instead, take one of the hallways beside the rotating one, which is a slightly longer path but skips the jumping. Just keep your team together and be careful rounding corners.

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When you get to the other side of the rotating hallway, you'll need to quickly move everyone into position on a node. The general shape is a diamond; the whole thing is just a ring, but with the two middle nodes pulled inward somewhat. Just try to stay in a general circle shape as you approach. It can help to assign roles, so that one pair of teammates get the top nodes near the stairs, the next set gets the middle ones, and the last set gets the bottom ones closest to the gap in the rotating hallway. This puzzle also includes an additional surprise that we won't spoil. It won't really affect your ability to solve the puzzle, but you'll know it when you get there.

Step 7: The Waterfall Cave

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Keep moving forward through the next jumping puzzle with the giant Vex rings. You'll eventually climb up a wall into an area with huge trees and waterfalls of radiolarian fluid (read: Vex milk). Hidden between the waterfalls is a cave opening you can slip into, which hides the last two puzzles of the Divinity quest. These ones are tricky, however.

As you push to the back of the cave, you'll find the cube beside a series of six white crystal holograms, and a lock beside them. Ignore the white crystals and the lock for now, as this is part of the last puzzle but not part of the one you're working on. Instead, go back to the entrance and face into the cave. You should see a tree root popping out in the ceiling above you toward the back wall. Hop up there and look behind the root to find the real lock you're trying to reach. It's tough to find, but once you have it, the solution is easy.

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From the cube, use all six players to move the tether back to the tree root lock. You might have to really stretch the tethers for this one, as it's a lot of ground to cover. Just have each person move one at a time while tethered to see how far they can get before the line breaks, then have them stand still at their furthest position. With someone near the lock, you shouldn't have trouble completing this one.

Step 8: The Final Puzzle - Simon Says

The last step is probably the toughest brainteaser you've faced. You're trying to tether to the last lock in the room at the back of the waterfall, but you'll need to take the line through each of the white crystal node holograms to do it. Start by creating a tether line (not a circle this time) from the cube, through each player, and to the lock. Then position each person in order so they're standing on one of the white crystal nodes between the cube and the lock. You'll want everyone in the order they're linked.

Here's what's going to happen: After a few seconds, the cube is going to generate a white line that will pass through each of the white crystal nodes, and then end at the lock, creating a pattern on the ground. Your job is to replicate that pattern by moving the members of your team around, matching your tether line to the white line the cube creates, like a game of positional Simon Says. It can be confusing at first as everyone scrambles around, but it's not too tough a concept once you figure out how to compartmentalize it.

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My team solved the puzzle this way: The cube sends its line through each node in sequence, which means you can count them off. From the cube to the first crystal is Number 1, from that crystal to the second is Number 2, and so on. In the same way, number each member of your team in order when they tether, starting with the person closest to the cube. Each time the cube generates a line, the Number 1 person sees where the Number 1 line is and takes that position; Number 2 takes the spot connected to Number 1; Number 3 takes the spot after 2; and so on. To make it even easier, have players 4, 5, and 6 watch where the line leads from the lock. On that side, the first crystal linked to the lock is 6; the one linked to that one is 5; and the next is 4. You don't have a lot of time to move into position, so keeping the system simple so not everyone has to count all six lines will make it easier to find your spot quickly.

If you've got one or two players who are having trouble, you can also just make each person aware of the one ahead of them in the sequence. Player 1 finds their spot based on what's connected to the cube, then Player 2 follows the line from Player 1 to reach their spot, and so on. This is slower, but especially if you have one or two players for whom the puzzle isn't clicking, this is a good way to narrow things down so they can react quickly to one piece of information and get into place.

You'll need to make six different patterns in all to complete the puzzle, and you won't have much time to do them, so make sure everybody's on the ball. When you complete this step, you'll see a message notifying you that security has been disabled. That's it--you've completed the Divinity quest. You'll notice you don't have Divinity yet, though. You still need to defeat the raid's final boss, the Sanctified Mind, in order to get the gun.

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