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Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Is Locking Non-DLC Owners Out Of Some Its New Content

Destiny 2 players are mad (again).


As was the case with The Dark Below DLC for the original Destiny, Bungie has effectively locked Destiny 2 owners out of some activities they previously had access to if they have not purchased Curse of Osiris. The expansion launched earlier this week and, among many other things, increased the level and Power level caps, resulting in a corresponding increase to level requirements for select modes. As a result, those who have not purchased Curse of Osiris suddenly find themselves unable to take part in things they could play just a few days ago.

This affects a number of areas in the game. The Prestige Nightfall has seen its Power level cap requirement increased to a point that non-DLC owners cannot reach, rendering it inaccessible to them. The same is true for the Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid, which means it's not possible to earn the Achievement/Trophy for completing a Prestige Nightfall or Raid. Additionally, one of the three Meditations offered by Ikora this week is from Curse of Osiris, meaning those without the DLC only have two they can play. The same problem could potentially hit the standard Nightfall in the future; featuring an Osiris Strike would mean only DLC owners have access for that week.

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The Heroic Strike playlist from Destiny 1 was also introduced to Destiny 2 for the first time this week. It seemingly could have been added for everyone to help compensate for the loss of the aforementioned modes, but it's restricted to Curse of Osiris owners.

At this point, Crucible is largely unaffected, as new playlists have been introduced for Osiris owners to be able to play the new maps. It's unclear at this point if, for instance, Trials will be limited to some players if an Osiris map is featured during a given event.

As you'd expect, players are incredibly angry, flocking to places like Reddit to express their frustration. Particularly in light of how long the game has been out--about three months, or closer to six weeks on PC--there are complaints about already having limited access to content. Players have described the expansion pass as feeling more like a subscription fee required to continue making full use of the game, rather than an optional DLC.

This anger surfaces not long after another incident incited the rage of the fanbase. Players recently discovered an undisclosed system that throttled the amount of XP that could be earned from certain activities. Bungie subsequently disabled this and vowed to improve its communication, though this latest discovery involving the DLC has further hurt the studio's reputation with fans.

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