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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris DLC Leaks; Bungie Confirms It's Real

Curse of Osiris is on the way.


Update: Not that there was much reason to doubt an official store listing, but you can brush away any suspicions you had about Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. Bungie has confirmed it is real, with marketing director Eric Osborne writing on Twitter, "Curse of Osiris is not a leak. It's real! :)" Unfortunately, we still don't have any more details, including a release date, but at least we know for sure what to expect from the game's first DLC drop. The original story follows.

Following a report suggesting that Destiny 2's first DLC takes players to Mercury, those details have now been corroborated by a listing on the Xbox Store. The first Destiny 2 DLC pack, called Curse of Osiris, will indeed take players to that planet for an Osiris-centric story.

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"Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris continues your Guardian's journey with all-new story missions and adventures set in a new destination, Mercury," the official description reads. "Journey through time and space to learn the secrets of Osiris, avert a dark future, and rebuild the ties between the legendary Warlock and his greatest student--Ikora Rey."

Alongside this, a feature list provides a vague sense of what to expect in terms of content. Players will get to visit something called the Infinite Forest, which is alluded to in the base game, and of course get new gear and Crucible maps. There's no mention of a Raid, although the list is not comprehensive Here's what's included:

  • Explore Mercury and its mysterious "Infinite Forest"
  • New story missions and adventures
  • New themed weapons, armor, and gear to earn
  • New cooperative activities
  • New competitive multiplayer arenas
  • And more

No release date for Curse of Osiris is included in the listing, so we'll have to continue waiting on an official announcement from Bungie and Activision for that. According to the original Kotaku report about the DLC, it will include a new social space based on the Lighthouse from the first Destiny. For more on the newly released game, check out our Destiny 2 everything you need to know roundup.

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