Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Adds New Weapon Quests And Strike Story Missions

Bungie showcases Curse of Osiris's new activities.


Bungie has further detailed Destiny 2's upcoming Curse of Osiris expansion. During the second of three livestreams, it shared more information about the activities that players will be able to take part in on the new planet of Mercury, some of which were first alluded to recently.

As part of last week's tour of the new Lighthouse area, we saw a new hand cannon and a wall that tracks your progress through post-campaign quests, which allow you to unlock various new weapons. These are called Lost Prophecies, and they start out by acquiring a Prophecy Tablet from Brother Vance. Lost Prophecies function as quests, requiring you to fulfill certain requirements to advance. The one we saw during the stream called for you to acquire new Curse of Osiris items with some particularly ridiculous names: Concentrated Radiolarian Culture and Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

Rather than have these be things you randomly obtain, you can look at the details of the Tablet to see precisely how to acquire them. In one case, they were obtained by completing Public Events, such as Curse of Osiris's new one. The other was earned by playing Crucible matches, completing Strikes, or completing Heroic Adventures (more on those below). With these items in your inventory, you can consume them to complete the quest. At this point, you return to Vance, turn it in, and then head to the Forge (also located in the Lighthouse) to create your new weapon--you can see one below. A nearby wall allows you to see how many of the new 11 weapons you've obtained.

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The aforementioned Heroic Adventures are new, more difficult versions of Adventures. Adventures can also now have modifiers, allowing them to be different each time you play one, not unlike how the Nightfall shifts from week to week.

Another adjustment involves Strikes. We already know the Heroic Strike playlist is returning, but the new Strikes in Curse of Osiris--there are two--will be better integrated into the story. They'll essentially function as standard story missions as you work your through the campaign, rather than existing as a sort of disconnected component. You'll be able to play them on your own without having to resort to matchmaking, but modified versions will also be available for regular play with others.

There are still more details to come about Curse of Osiris as part of one final stream on November 29. The DLC then releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 5, coinciding with an update that adds PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements to Destiny 2. For more, you can check out our thoughts on Curse of Osiris; we've found Mercury underwhelming so far.

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Heroic Adventures sound like something the end game needs bad. Are these only Curse of Osiris adventures, or are there heroic versions of the old adventures too?

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